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Simple Ways to Refresh Your Home Decor for Spring

With the arrival of spring, it’s time to give your living space a refreshing makeover. Opt for home décor accessories with natural materials like rattan and bamboo to embrace the warmth of the season. Add vibrancy with new décor pieces and textiles to create a cozy retreat while layering area rugs for texture and pattern.

As Prateek Sabharwal suggests, infuse freshness into your home with cool wall art and natural elements like woven baskets and wooden accents. For a unique touch, consider adding Ottomans that showcase cultural design elements. Rithik Dhawan advises swapping out dark furniture for lighter pieces and dressing up outdoor spaces for a peppy vibe.

Anushka Ahuja recommends incorporating bright-colored rugs and vibrant patterns to mirror the joyous hues of spring in your home. Shuchita Sancheti Garg suggests a spring cleaning to create a fresh and inviting space, including adding flowers and plants, updating table settings, and switching to lighter bedding for a vibrant atmosphere.

For a complete seasonal refresh, consider adding pretty planters with flowers and greens, fresh cushions in spring colors, and new wallpapers or wall art to enjoy the beauty of the season. Embrace the spirit of spring in every corner of your home with these simple additions that reflect the warmth and happiness of the season.


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