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Six Myanmar nationals arrested with Indian and Myanmarese currencies among group of 16

A total of 16 people, including six from Myanmar, were apprehended in Mizoram, with a significant amount of Indian and Myanmarese currencies recovered from them. Acting on an input, Assam Rifles intercepted five vehicles in Siaha district on Saturday night, leading to the discovery of the individuals.

During a search, Assam Rifles personnel recovered Myanmarese Kyat 7,74,74,500 in cash (equivalent to Rs 30,68,044), and Indian currencies worth Rs 1,01,015. The apprehended individuals and the seized currencies were handed over to Tuipang police station for further legal action.

Police have been questioning the arrested individuals to determine the intent behind carrying such a large sum of Indian and Myanmarese currencies. The authorities are investigating the matter further to understand the circumstances surrounding the apprehension and the recovery of the currencies.


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