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Six Planets in Trine With Rahu: Effects on the Moon Signs

6 Planets in Trine With Rahu

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In Vedic astrology, Rahu is considered a Shadow Planet. But the influence it has on other planets can be seen. If Rahu is in a favourable position in an individual’s birth chart, it can bring out Raj yoga, financial gain, and international travel. But in case it’s the opposite, then it may result in lethargy, uncertainty, and disappointment. 

The Sun will be in the Virgo from Sept 17, 2021, till Oct 17, 2021. According to Vedic astrology, the Sun can be called the Alpha of all planets. And the god of wars, Mars, controls our actions. So when these two planets come together from Sept 6, 2021, to Oct 22, 2021, it will give everyone a flair of supremacy and determination towards their goal. 

From Aug 11, 2021, until Sept 6, 2021, Venus will be in Virgo, too. From Sept 14 until Nov 20, 2021, Jupiter will be in Capricorn. During the year 2021, Pluto will be transiting the Capricorn zodiac sign. 

With these positioning, Rahu is in a trine with the Sun, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Pluto. A fascinating stand-off indeed! The effects of this transit on every moon sign are given below. 

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Six Planets in Trine With Rahu: Effects on Aries

Because of the Rahu-Sun trine, Aries natives may struggle with their kids, career, love life, and funds. Your relationship with your father may not be good. There might be physical and mental problems linked to the Rahu trine with Mars. It’s not a good time for relationships. You may see spiritual and economic growth. Your marriage life is sound too.

Effects on Taurus

Not a suitable time for Taurus natives to get a university degree. You may have many setbacks. An argument with your spouse might lead to conflict. The sibling relationship boat is sailing smoothly. This transit would be advantageous to both your finances and the bond you have with your family. You are likely to be in good health during this period. 

Six Planets in Trine With Rahu: Effects on Gemini

This trine may have an impact on your relationship with your sibling, Gemini. Your words have the potential to make or ruin a relationship. Financial crises are on the cards. Your health, your mental well-being and your relationship with your mother might be excellent. Geminis are in a great position when it comes to higher education. It’s the time to develop spiritually. 

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Six Planets in Trine With Rahu: Effects on Cancer

For Cancerians, the trine may bring stress in education, love, and money. Your mother-daughter connection may be fine. But you need to be wary about your father’s influence. There may be ups & downs in your professional life. Your siblings and pals would be there for your support. Travelling is feasible during this period. International and religious work might be possible. 

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Six Planets in Trine With Rahu: Effects on Leo

Leo, it looks like a good time to increase your experience, romance, and finances. You must be careful since transiting on Mars might damage your connection with your mother. You can expect a delay in your academics, personal life, and religious services. The Mercury transit in Rahu’s chart may help you with your finances & personal success. Your physical and mental state looks excellent. 

Effects on Virgo

This trine for Virgos may make them more cooperative in all walks of life. This period may help you make amazing memories. Your parents are in a good place right now. There could be unexpected costs, so do save up. You may progress and get better in your profession. Mars in trine indicates an easy relationship with your brother or sibling. 

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Six Planets in Trine With Rahu: Effects on Libra

Rahu’s trine with the Sun may assist Librans in finding common ground with their siblings. A strong familial tie can serve you well. There may be monetary issues coming up. To address the problem you’re facing, greater education and additional involvement in social, religious, and cultural activities are advised. Time is suitable concerning your academics. Spiritual development is fostered.

Six Planets in Trine With Rahu: Effects on Scorpio

The closeness of a Scorpio’s relationship with their son may get affected due to the six planet trine with Rahu. At the workplace, the changes are likely to bring about some difficulty. Job seekers may face an uncertain future. You’re physically weak, but spiritually, you would be well. Throughout this journey, you may see improvements in your relationships, children, education, finances, and games.

Effects on Sagittarius 

The trine won’t benefit Sagittarius natives with their future progress. A disruption in finances, love, and learning is a distinct possibility. But a noticeable change may come in relationships, particularly in intimate ones. The chances of spiritual progress may be less, but monetary gains look good. You would be fit as a fiddle, both physically and mentally.

Six Planets in Trine With Rahu: Effects on Capricorn

Capricorn folks might recognise that it’s never a good moment when it comes to older natives’ possessions. The bond you share with your parents would be beautiful. Take up on that offer of higher studies as the job market doesn’t look that great for you right now. It’s an excellent time to broaden your horizons, travel overseas, and perform religious service.

Six Planets in Trine With Rahu: Effects on Aquarius

Aquarius natives are likely to face personal problems in their social, married, and even business partnerships. The relationship between you and your father would be strong. This trine may bring growth in education, children, and money. It is an ideal time for increased travel and religious activity and the prospects of future expansion. For an individual, the passage of time is favourable for spiritual growth.

Six Planets in Trine With Rahu: Effects on Pisces

For Pisces natives, personal connections, marital and professional affairs, partnerships, and social life may be chaotic. You may find it difficult to get along with your siblings and father. But you could see an improvement in several areas, including kids, learning, love, and money. Finances look good. Also, the timing is right for travelling and further spiritual advancement. 

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