Six Reasons Why Mailroom Is Better Than Envoy in Helping Operators and Managers?

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Having a digital mailroom service can help you solve loads of problems. For one managing mail becomes easier. You can ensure faster deliveries and as a result, enhance your customer service. You can prevent misplaced packages and save time and money.

For managers, employing the best mailroom management system is always a priority. However, with the market populated with new and upcoming digital solutions, how can we know which one is the best option for mailroom managers? 

Here is a comparison of the two leading mailroom management systems: Envoy Deliveries and Mailroom By PackageX. 

Mailroom By PackageX

Mailroom by PackageX is the ultimate package management solution. It comes with innovative features and technologies to streamline your mail experience. It’s an easy to use, intelligent software that ensures increased efficiency in the mailroom.

Envoy Deliveries

A close second, Envoy Deliveries has also made quite a name for itself in the digital mailroom market. It aims to save the mailroom team’s time by quickly scanning labels and notifying recipients. 

Why Mailroom is Better Than Envoy?

Both Mailroom and Envoy Deliveries aim to make the mailroom manager’s and operator’s jobs easier. The systems do that by aiming to:

  • Efficiently manage mailroom staff
  • Minimize personal risk and costs
  • Improve customer service
  • Save time and increase productivity

While both systems offer you a smart solution, Mailroom by PackageX with its advanced technological capabilities has a slight advantage. Following are six reasons why Mailroom is better than Envoy Deliveries:



While the feature sets the two come with greatly differ, it’s their methodology that makes Mailroom the better system. Envoy ultimately caters to hybrid workplaces. It has multiple products that all focus on getting a particular task done. Envoy Deliveries specially caters to office mailroom management alone.

On the other hand, a Mailroom is a multi-faceted software. It’s designed to cater to different industries. It focuses on creating efficiency and automating mail in every mailroom. The size and industry do not matter. It’s a one fits all solution that offers services for offices, universities, residential buildings and any other business that has a mailroom.

Designated Pickup Feature

Additionally, Mailroom differentiates itself by having extra features that Envoy does not. One example is the designated pickup feature. There are many times that package recipients are unable to pick up their package on time. This can lead to misplaced packages.

However, the designated pickup feature allows recipients to have someone else pick up their package. In this way, Mailroom stores proof of delivery and after authenticating, staff can easily hand over the package safely so it reaches the right person.

Picture Notifications

Another innovative feature that makes Mailroom the superior software is image-rich notifications. Through Mailroom, operators can quickly scan the package and send picture notifications to the recipients.

It helps recipients see the exact condition of their package as it arrives at the mailroom. This helps reduce customer queries and complaints later on regarding the package condition. Moreover, it helps store pictorial records of the package so operators can easily refer back if needed.

Reports and Analytics

Mailroom managers strive to increase efficiency in the organization while minimizing costs. To do so, they need detailed analytics to help them make informed decisions. 

Both Envoy Deliveries and Mailroom offer basic analytics like package arrival dates and times. They also create overall reports with data on top clients and hours saved that can be seen on the app’s dashboard.

However, they differ because along with showing you the above-mentioned statistics, Mailroom has more to offer. It also helps you track employee performance and operation. This helps mailroom managers know how many employees they need working and save additional costs.

Smooth Integration

Integrating a digital mailroom can be costly and difficult. Both Envoy Deliveries and Mailroom offer swift integration into existing systems. However, the difference lies in how the systems complete a pickup.

Envoy Deliveries requires recipient to use a particular device to complete a pickup. However, with Mailroom users can use their own device or the mailroom operators device to mark pickup as complete.

Moreover, with Mailroom’s Gold plans, users can also access a virtual mailroom to further enhance the delivery experience.

OCR Technology

Both Mailroom and Envoy Deliveries make use of optical character recognition to identify recipients while scanning deliveries. Once the recipients have been identified they are then automatically notified. 

Mailroom uses the best OCR technology available. Not only does it scan printed labels, but it also scans all handwritten labels and extract the recipients’ required information.

Mailroom By PackageXEnvoy Deliveries
Caters to multiple industries and market segments regardless of size.Specifically caters to hybrid workplaces and office mailroom management.
Comes with a designated pickup feature.Does not come with a designated pickup feature.
Enables picture notifications for recipients.Does not send picture notifications to recipients.
Also tracks employee’s performance and efficiency along with the basic statistics.Only tracks basic statistics like hours saved, data on top clients, package arrival date and time and so on.
Recipients can use their own device or mailroom operator’s device to mark pickup complete.Recipients need a specific device to mark pickup complete.
OCR technology can also scan handwritten labels and extract informationOCR technology only scans printed labels.

Both Mailroom By PackageX and Envoy Deliveries are excellent options for digitally managing your mailroom. However, Mailroom takes the upper hand over Envoy because of its extra features and advanced technologies.

It excels at helping managers save money, increase efficiency and revolutionize the way they process mail.

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