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SK Telecom, global telcos to form AI language model joint venture




SK Telecom, global telcos to form AI language model joint venture

Seoul, Feb 26 (IANS) SK Telecom, South Korea’s leading mobile carrier, announced plans to establish a joint venture with global mobile carriers to develop large language models (LLMs) for telecommunications companies. The joint venture will include SK Telecom, Deutsche Telekom, e& Group, Singtel, and Softbank, aimed at improving customer interactions through digital assistants and chatbots.

During the Global Telco AI Alliance’s inaugural meeting at the Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2024, SK Telecom revealed its strategy to collaborate on developing LLMs tailored for telcos. The joint venture will focus on creating multilingual LLMs optimized for Korean, English, German, Arabic, and Japanese, with the potential to expand to more languages in the future.

With an estimated global customer base of 1.3 billion across 50 countries, including SK Telecom’s 31 million subscribers and Deutsche Telekom’s 250 million subscriptions, the joint venture aims to enhance efficiency in telco operations. SK Telecom’s CEO Ryu Young-sang stated, “Our ultimate goal is to discover new business models by redefining relationships with customers,” highlighting the significance of tailored LLMs for the telecommunications industry.


The joint venture’s mission aligns with the increasing demand for personalized customer interactions in the telco sector. By leveraging the expertise of multiple global mobile carriers, the collaboration seeks to revolutionize customer service through advanced language models. Stay tuned for further developments on this groundbreaking initiative in the telecommunications industry.

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