Skateboarding Tricks to Make You Look Like A Pro

Are you done with skateboarding basics and want to move on to a more advanced level? And are you impressed by videos that show amazing skateboarding tricks? Well, then you are in just the right place. Here is a list of skateboarding tricks that are easy to perform yet look intricate enough to be stunning.

1. The Kick Turn: Most people usually assume that the Ollie is the trick to start with. In fact, Ollie can be quite difficult for a beginner to master. Hence, to become a more rounded skater, you need to start from the most basic yet important trick, the Kick Turn. The Kick Turn involves quick turning, so instead of leaning and curving to turn, you hoist your torso and swivel. A 180degree Kick Turn looks awesome on its own, although a 360-degree turn is more than enough for people to turn their heads to look.

2. Ollie: Once you are done with the Kick Turn, you are ready to start with Ollie.  It involves springing into the air without the use of the rider’s hands. It is done by controlled stomping on the edge of the board to propel it vertically and jumping up to join it in the air. At the peak of the leap, the foot at the front is slid forward to make the skateboard stable. The rest of the work is done by gravity, which ensures a natural fall. The Ollie can be quite difficult for some skaters to learn. Moreover, most other tricks are based on your expertise on the Ollie.

3. The 50-50 Grind: This is usually the first grinding trick riders choose to learn. It involves grinding both of the trucks on the rail or ledge. The good thing about this is that it can be learned on a curb or pavement, too, so that your safety is ensured. However, to learn this trick, the rider must know the Ollie because this is one of the tricks that build upon Ollie.

4. Manual: The manual is a great trick to learn and can always be improved. This trick demands the rider to support himself on the back wheels of the board while the front is lifted into the air, and continue rolling forward. But beware, it is quite easy to lean back too much, which might cause you to slip off and fall. This is why you should learn how to fall safely.  This looks quite cool when done in front of people and is one of the easiest tricks to learn.

However, before trying any of these tricks, safety should be your number one priority to avoid any serious injuries, and you should always use gear like knee caps, elbow pads, and skateboard helmets. To know more about the best skateboarding helmets, visit Here

So, the next time you want to learn a new trick, consider choosing one from the list above to have the best experience.

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