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WATCH: Sneako Criticized for Mocking Hinduism and Targeting Waiter, Causes Outrage



Content creator Sneako mocks Hindu religion and targets Hindu waiter, sparks a controversy 

Controversial content creator Sneako has once again made headlines after a video surfaced online showing him mocking a Hindu waiter and his religion.

In the viral clip, he is seen ridiculing the waiter for his faith and even questioning if he has ever consumed cow dung.

Sneako Faces Backlash for Ridiculing Hindu Faith and Disrespecting Waiter

The situation escalated when he stated that Indians are rapists and filthy, as well as worshippers of demons.


The video quickly went viral across various social media platforms, sparking a debate over his views on religion.

Netizens on Twitter criticized his behavior towards the waiter, igniting a broader conversation.

Sneako is known for being a controversial figure, frequently stirring the pot and causing drama. This incident is not his first controversy. Previously, JiDion, another prominent content creator, revealed that he had blocked Sneako following a debate on religion.


JiDion had shifted his content focus to more religious themes rather than pranks, believing it to be an effective way to spread the message of God to his fans and followers.

During a Discord call, the two streamers engaged in a debate over Shaykh Uthman. JiDion appeared hesitant to participate, while Sneako pushed the conversation’s limits. When the discussion veered off course, JiDion stated,

“Sneako, you act very childish. If this continues, I’m going to have to rethink our friendship.”

Sneako was surprised by the block, stating,


“I was blocked, and I didn’t even know.” He later attempted to contact JiDion but received no response

He has also been involved in a public dispute with Jynxzi related to his podcast.”

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