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WATCH: Sneako Punched on Face by Security Guard During Live Stream Event in Detroit

Sneako is a well-known online streamer and creator. He was at an event recently, streaming in Detroit with his friends on June 16. The event, as seen online, featured speeches, games, dances, and more.

Sneako Punched A Security Guard

However, things got a little topsy-turvy when a heated argument between Sneako and a security guard started and disrupted everything. Sneako got into a heated altercation with a security guard, which changed everything.

The security guard did not like it and yelled at them to stop, and by that time, people had already started filming the incident. Sneako aggravated the situation even more by knocking the hat off the guard’s head, which added fuel to the fire.

The guard said, “Get the f**king cameras out of my face!” and landed a punch right on Sneako’s face, literally knocking him to the ground.

The security guard was pissed off and triggered. He punched Sneako, knocking him to the ground and breaking Sneako’s tooth. Sneako later showed off his injury and mentioned that he is a non-violent person.

While Sneako was talking about the issue, his friends and other people suggested that he should file a complaint and take legal action against the guard who hit him. The whole incident has been filmed and is all over the internet.

Later, Sneako said that the guard brushed off the incident, saying that teeth mean nothing and that Sneako could just brush it off.

The guard triggered Sneako by turning off his microphone while he was on stage and starting to play music.

All these things led to a massive issue, and Sneako has decided to file a police report against the guard’s actions.

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