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Social Media Stars Tianna Robillard and Cody Ford Call It Quits

Tianna Robillard engaged Cody Ford in April 2024, and social media immediately went bonkers over their union.

They were ecstatic and kept posting about their fairytale lives online on their media accounts.

Tianna and Cody are both well-known social media creators.

Tianna Robillard and Cody Ford’s Break-Up

Tianna met Cody through a friend.

In 2023, Cody proposed to her in a private setting, and the media coverage of the event spread across the internet, making them a beloved couple admired by many.

They tend to post pictures and share about their life to gain followers and keep in touch with them.

However, in recent news, they have both broken off their engagement, which has broken several hearts online.

Tianna recently released a video where she talked about their breakup.

Tianna seemed sad and reflective over the matter, and people online empathized with her because of that.

Rumors first started flying when Tianna Robillard began deleting pictures with hi from her social media pages.

People started noticing the missing pictures, which also included the engagement pictures, and it rang a bell in their minds.

Tianna Robillard did not reveal the reason behind the breakup.

However, her Instagram video hinted at her being heartbroken and extremely sad when she posted that, which confirmed the rumors of their breakup online.

Cody Ford has not confirmed or denied the news from his side yet, but it is to be noted that he has also deleted photos of her from his social media accounts.

Cody is a well-known player in the NFL.

He used to play for the Buffalo Bills, then shifted to the Arizona Cardinals. Currently, Cody is playing for the Cincinnati Bengals.

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