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Sodapoppin Net Worth 2024: How much is the American internet personality Worth?

Who is Sodapoppin?

Chance “Sodapoppin” Morris, born on February 15, 1994, in Austin, Texas, is a well-known American Twitch streamer and internet personality. He has garnered fame for his unique content, engaging personality, and comedic flair. Sodapoppin’s real name is Thomas Jefferson Chance Morris, and he is a significant figure in the online streaming community. With his distinctive approach to content creation, Sodapoppin has built a large and dedicated fan base across various platforms.

Sodapoppin’s Career

Sodapoppin’s streaming journey began on the XFire platform. However, as the platform declined, he made a strategic move to Twitch in 2012. This transition proved to be pivotal for his career. Over the years, Sodapoppin has become renowned for his comedic streams and memorable moments, such as his infamous $5,000 gambling loss in front of 43,000 viewers. He initially gained popularity by streaming “World of Warcraft” and later expanded his repertoire to include various games and IRL content. His entertaining streams have consistently drawn large audiences, solidifying his status as one of Twitch’s top personalities.

Sodapoppin’s Net Worth

As of 2024, Sodapoppin’s net worth is estimated to be between $6 million and $10 million, according to sources like Sportskeeda. The primary sources of his income include Twitch and YouTube, where he earns through advertisements, subscriptions, Twitch bits, and direct contributions from his fans. With nearly 9 million followers on Twitch and over 460 million views on YouTube, his steady stream of content generates substantial revenue.

In addition to his streaming earnings, Sodapoppin is a co-owner of OTK (One True King), an American media organization he joined in 2022. He also serves as an advisor and part of the ownership group at NRG Esports. These ventures contribute significantly to his net worth. Furthermore, Sodapoppin earns through sponsorships, brand endorsements, and merchandise sales, although the exact figures from these sources remain undisclosed.

Sodapoppin’s Age

Sodapoppin was born on February 15, 1994, making him 30 years old in 2024. Despite his relatively young age, he has achieved remarkable success and influence in the online streaming community.

Sodapoppin’s Family: Parents

Chance Morris grew up in a well-off family in Austin, Texas, and is the youngest of eight siblings. He has a brother named Dustin Morris, also known as Dkane, who is a Twitch player. Sodapoppin’s family has been supportive of his career, although his parents were initially hesitant about his decision to drop out of university to pursue streaming full-time. Over time, they have come to support his successful career in the gaming industry.

Sodapoppin’s Height and Weight

Sodapoppin stands at 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm) tall and weighs approximately 60 kg (132 lbs). Despite his relatively average stature, his larger-than-life personality and entertaining content have made him a giant in the world of online streaming.

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