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Some Of The Important Headlines Of Thai News

If you also want to know all the latest ข่าวไทย, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will see all the important headlines which are currently going on in Thai. So, if you also want to see ข่าวไทย, then go through this article. It will help you in giving the latest updates, and you will be aware of current issues.

Some of the ongoing current headlines in Thai news

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In this article, we will see all the ข่าวไทย, and get the latest updates. Here, you will get all the latest updates of ข่าวไทย.

•    Shooting massacre in child care in Thailand where an ex-policeman killed a lot of people including children. According to resources, it has been found that his wife wants to leave him and is asking for help from her mother. His wife and stepson visited childcare frequently, so he went there to search for them, and there he killed 36 people. On Monday, the prime minister of Thailand, Prayut Chan-o-cha ordered all peace enforcement organizations to take strict action related to gun ownership, it will be compulsory to maintain all the records of gun ownership and you cannot give them to anyone without proper consent. They also clamp down on big deals related to drugs, after that there will be a mass shooting of an officer policeman who killed many people in child daycare. In this case, 36 people, and among them 24 children were killed during this massacre. Ex-policeman was armed with a gun and knives, he even killed staff members. Later, he killed himself after killing his wife and stepson. He shot himself in Uthai Sawan, a township that is 500 km away from Bangkok in the northeast. It was considered one of the most unfortunate child massacres in history. It is done by an ex-police officer. Prayut was also instructed to find and test the uses of illegal drugs between communities and officials. He also advised them to take the necessary steps for the treatment of drug addicts. He also ordered all the authorities to revoke the gun license of all those owners of all those people who have mistreated other people and threatened society. The license of all these people will be canceled as the government is not sure of their actions and chances are they can also repeat the massacre. Whoever will create chaos for others or doesn’t allow others to live restfully, needs to return their license. Authorities will take strict action against all those ex-officers who have been using their firearms in the wrong way or caused any disturbing situation. New orders will be passed, according to which a mental health checkup will be done of a police officer or all those people who have licensed guns. In Thailand, gun ownership is more, in comparison to other places in Southeast Asia.

•    Another important ข่าวไทย is you will see only nonstop flights to Bangkok which will be launched by Air Canada. For the first time in 10 years, you will see only non-stop flights between one of the favorite tourist destinations of people, Thailand and North America. At 11 pm, on 1 December, Air Canada flight AC65 will take off from Vancouver international airport to begin 15 Hours and 55 minutes to Bangkok. It is scheduled to reach Thai on Saturday at 5:55 am local time. It will be a memorable day, and people have been waiting for it. They are pleased to release their first non-stop flight.

•    The architecture will be helping all the sinking cities fighting floods in Bangkok. When floods reached Bangkok, people were devastated and lost their homes. Kotchakorn Voraakhom, Thai landscape architecture, has decided to help all the people who have been suffering in flood. He wants to design a good home for them and doesn’t want them to suffer. He decided to help all these people in a dangerous calamity. He graduated from the School of Design at Harvard University. He said that was the turning point in his life, and he started using more tools to tackle all the climatic changes. In 2011, floods reached Thailand and destroyed many areas. Hundreds of people were killed during this calamity. More than 11 billion people reside in Bangkok and all of them are in danger due to flooding. It is more vulnerable to flooding, and if they see their basic infrastructure, it is not appropriate and cannot fit in the situation. He said that we need to think and save our cities from all calamities. Centenary park built on the campus of Chulalongkorn University is an important investment as this park can store a lot of rainwater and prevent floods in surrounding cities so that they won’t get destroyed. It will keep all the places in that location safe, and they don’t need to suffer from calamities. It is built on an incline and can direct runoff water through artificial wetlands and sloping gardens. From there water will go into a retention pond, which can hold 480,000 gallons. Another good thing that has been created by architecture is Siam Green Sky, the largest rooftop farm in Asia which has transformed 22,400 square feet into a lush haven. This farm will recycle all the food waste from the restaurant, and use it as plant fertilizer. It can also soak up all the large water and help in rainwater, this water is beneficial for growing vegetables and other herbs. It can also be used to grow rice and fruits. Voraakhom’s architectural designs have been growing widely and are beneficial for other users. His work is expanding beyond Thailand.

•    It will be one of the most spotting events to watch. People are waiting for it. It is creating a festive atmosphere among viewers. It will be a historic moment, and you cannot expect them. The World Cup will be the ultimate symbol of football’s unifying power and provide a great way for improving relations with other people.

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