Sonakshi Sinha Post Pictures From The Launch Of Her Stick-On-Nail Brand ‘SOEZI’

Since last week, when Sonakshi Sinha initially tweeted images of herself sporting a diamond on her ring finger, Sonakshi Sinha has been the subject of marital rumours. She was photographed clutching someone’s arms and even scribbled strange notes. But it turned out to be a publicity stunt for her latest SOEZI press-on nail business.

Sonakshi Sinha debuted her new beauty line in a big way yesterday afternoon. She also used Instagram to spread the news and put an end to any marital speculation. Every nail enthusiast has heard of press-on nails, which are synthetic and plastic nails that you can make at home by merely adhering them to your nail plate, sparing you hours of time spent in spas for artificial or gel extension.

After fueling marriage theories with photos of her wearing a diamond on her ring finger with an unknown partner, Sonakshi Sinha has announced the launch of her own cosmetics line, SOEZ. Sonakshi stated she was only showing off her nails in the earlier pictures when she shared the new photo.

Sonakshi Sinha’s Instagram Post


The desire for these types of nails is considerable among Indian women, but there was an actual shortage of a good press-on nail company with a diverse range of possibilities. Sonakshi seemed to have seized this occasion with both hands!

SOEZI has press-on nails in every height, shape, colour, and impact, as well as for any event. One feature that any nail aficionado will appreciate is the ability to customise each press-on nail based on its form (think almond, coffin, round, stiletto, and more) and height (long, medium, and short) at no additional cost.

When it comes to pricing, these nails come in two distinct sorts of packages: the Ready To Wear Package, which costs INR 1,099 and includes 20 nail stripes, adhesive tabs, and cuticle sticks. Another option is the INR 1,799 Application Kit, which includes nail tips, nail glue, adhesive tabs, nail removers, cuticle sticks, nail buffer, and filer.

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