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Sourav Singh Rajput vs Rajat Dalal Fight Video goes viral on Twitter and Instagram



A video of powerlifter Sourav Singh Singha Rajput vs Rajat Dalal goes viral on Twitter and Instagram

A video featuring Rajat Dalal and Sourav Singh Rajput is currently making rounds on the internet, reigniting a firestorm among the public and dividing their fans into two factions, raising concerns within the powerlifting community.

The controversy began when a video surfaced on social media showing Sourav Singh Rajput on the ground, allegedly being beaten and kicked by Rajat Dalal. The clip garnered millions of views and sparked a debate on Twitter about its authenticity.

Sourav Singh Rajput vs Rajat Dalal, What’s the Reality Behind Viral Video Clash

The genesis of the conflict can be traced back to Rajat Dalal addressing the issues in numerous Instagram stories, where he stressed that the dispute with Sourav should not be turned into a vendetta between the Rajput and Jaat communities. He urged his followers not to propagate the conflict and refrained from disclosing the reason for the altercation.


Rajat Dalal stated, “It is evident that some Jaat community pages have been sharing my videos on their page to show support. However, I request everyone not to turn this into a confrontation between two communities – Jaat and Rajput. All Rajputs are my brothers. No issues should arise between the communities because of the actions of one or two individuals. I have never disrespected your community, and I am not in a position to do so. Therefore, do not escalate the rivalry based on social media content. Brotherhood should always prevail.”

Additionally, fans took to Sourav Singh Rajput’s social media accounts to verify the authenticity of the fight. According to online news reports, Rajat Dalal was the first to upload the contentious video that captivated the internet.

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