South African woman gave birth to 10 babies in one delivery … broke Guinness World Record

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Gosiame Thamara Sithole, from Gauteng, South Africa, became pregnant a few months ago when doctors examined her and suspected that she had too many babies in her womb. Subsequent scans revealed that there were 8 children in the womb. His stomach was getting bigger day by day.

In this case, she was 7 months 7 days pregnant when she had labor pains. She was admitted to C-Section Hospital in Pretoria on the 7th for delivery. There he had a baby born by caesarean section. But unexpectedly, he had only 8 babies on the scan and 10 babies were born in his delivery. 7 of them are boys and 3 are girls. This has come as a great surprise to the doctors.

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So far 9 births in a single birth in the world was a record. But she has given birth to 10 children in a single delivery. Earlier, a woman named Milan Halima had given birth to 9 children.

Commenting on this, her husband Teboho Tsotetsi said: “My wife’s childbirth was not easy. She suffered from severe leg pain and chest irritation during childbirth. As a result of prayer, 10 children have been born. “

Currently all 10 children gosiame thamara sithole has given birth to are alive and healthy. The couple already have a twin child at the age of six. Along with these 10 people, the couple has 12 children. Following this, the doctors of the hospital said that these 10 babies were born in a single delivery

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