South Facing House Vastu Plan For Your Next Dream House

South facing house Vastu plan denotes that the main entrance of the house is in the south direction. India is a land of many cultures and ancient practices, Vastu shastra is among them. The old architecture methodology builds on the art of science that works on the placement of many elements in the house, astrology as well as astronomy. Lately, many residents prefer to avoid south-directed places. However, according to Vastu, every direction of the house has its own benefits. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of South facing House Vastu


  • If your house is south facing then you will have plenty of sunlight in the house. It will help in bringing positivity to the house along with keeping everyone’s mood happy. 
  • Due to the increase in sunlight, you will have a lot of space for plants and gardening. That is why homes facing south have many gardening benefits. 
  • Another benefit of such homes is that during summer the temperature of the house will be warmer. Thus the electricity bills during cold weather will be quite less because of natural light. 


  • Because of a lot of sunlight, the temperature of the house will be hotter during summer, making residents uncomfortable. You won’t be able to build an underground water bore well. It is believed that south-facing houses bring many health as well as financial problems. 

South Facing House Vastu Tips

  • Make sure to check the wall size and compare the walls of the south and west. They should be higher and stronger as compared to the other walls. 
  • As per Vastu, the house should be square and rectangular in shape. The shape of the house plays a vital role. 
  • Water pumps, septic tanks as well as car parking must be avoided in the southwestern part of the house. 

South Facing House Vastu Plan 

  • Here are a few things that should be kept in mind while building a house-
  • While building a pooja room, the northeastern, east and west direction is ideal for south-facing homes.
  • For the kitchen, the southeast direction is suitable according to Vastu Shastra. 

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