#SquidGame: 10 Reasons Why Netflix’s Squid Game Was A Huge Success

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On Netflix, one of the top series right now is a hit Korean series. Its name is Squid Game. It is a nine-episode series with disturbing scenes. It is about a gaming world where children’s games have turned into the deadliest zone games.

The interesting part is; there are several Korean dramas out there on Netflix but this is the first one that has hit the No. 1 place of Netflix. Most surprising is that – Squid Game has reached its milestone within a short period of four days only.

It is a wild show with blood. Its popularity has made it the company’s biggest series that has been launched to date.

What Is Squid Game About?

Squid Game launched on the 17th of September that is a 9 episode series. It revolves around a group of extremely indebted people living in South Korea. This series is directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk. Some of the leading characters include Park Hae-soo, Lee Jung-jae, Wi Ha-joon, and HoYeon Jung.

The story begins when Gi-hun, a gambling addict agreed to play this mysterious game because he wanted money. At the start of the game, he had no idea what a torturous and bloody game is waiting for him. After getting kidnapped and then waking up in a room of 456 other people who were in “gaming uniforms” just like him, he got to know what kind of game it is. It is some sort of hunger game – that is bloodthirstily disguised as a children’s game.

Fans are getting crazy for squid game’s red costume because of the extra-real vibes from the series. Many are expected to wear the reddish-pink outfit on Halloween and even some are willing to wear the doll outfit to boo the hell away from everyone.

We have listed below 10 reasons why Netflix’s Squid Game was a huge success all over the world. You can know whether it was their impressive outfit or their acting skills that made the show so famous.

SQUID GAME – A Game Never To Be Played 

The ‘Battle Royale’ concept has exploded in popularity in recent years, whether in movies, television shows, or online games. The concept of individuals bidding against one other not only adds excitement to the show but also adds an element of unpredictability.


The ‘Battle Royale’ concept has exploded in popularity in recent years, whether in movies, television shows, or online games. The concept of individuals bidding against one other not only adds excitement to the show but also adds an element of unpredictability.

2. Characters

A bully, a beauty, a nuisance, an educated, a nice individual, and one you just cannot stand. The fact that these character arcs alter throughout the series is fascinating, and we can credit the outstanding cast of the series.

3. Relatability

This game is still relatable in so many ways. Rich people control indebted people like puppets and that is what we can see even in the real world. Corporates have been using the majority of the working class for their needs without any concerns.

4. Demand in Foreign countries

It is said that Squid Game has received massive identification from all the countries over the world. A survey shows people are okay with the language as they rely on subtitles. People believe that if the visual content is perfect that it is always a good watch.

5. Plot

The narrative of Squid Game is so compelling that you may find yourself wanting to finish the entire series in one sitting. You may know how things will turn out in the end, but you can’t help but desire for something different. Because of the plot’s intensity, the audience will develop a love-hate connection with the characters.

6. Aesthetics of the show

The next element in making a successful series is keeping us interested. The first thing we notice about a film or a show is its appearance. The aesthetic colors we see in Squid Game are something that attracted the viewers the most.

7. The intense premise

How can a game that we have played in our childhood turn so evil? But what if we consider the reality that has affected it including freedom and money controlling the people? Is not it relatable? The starting of the series is very spine-chilling and it can be a reason for building up the interest in the viewers.

8. Costumes

How can we forget to discuss the eye-catching costumes of the series? The gun-man with reddish-pink costumes with face masks that have shapes on them, the frontman who is controlling everything. Then comes the players with green and white costumes.

9. Creepy music

WEIRD! A very blood-curdling song. It feels as if someone is punching the heart giving you spine-chilling vibes. It feels as if someone is watching you from somewhere, your moves are under control. One step out and you are dead!

10. Unlocking minds

Did it open the old secret passages in your mind? Are you again reflecting the way you live? Do you think we have the same way of thinking and giving in as the players in the series?We can see such questions rising in the minds of the audience.


There are series getting launches over time but many do not even get to the best list of series. The awe-inspiring part here is; Squid Game not only streamed in a day with all its nine parts but it broke the record of all other series with a blow and reached the 1st most-watched series in this season. What are the reasons behind its success? We have discussed all its smacking reasons that you need to know.

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