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How to Start a Writing Career with No Experience?

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Copywriting is a promising field that has gained considerable popularity in the world and brings together professionals from different fields of science. Modern copywriting is the writing of the main text, headlines, slogans, texts for mailings, content for websites, key phrases, scripts for TV and radio commercials, press releases, documents, and so on.

With the active development of the Internet, the functions and responsibilities of copywriters have expanded. In addition to advertising texts, they also develop texts for sites aimed at attracting customers to the resource, company, services. The task of a copywriter is to briefly, clearly, and figuratively articulate the benefits of the object of advertising, to influence the thoughts and perceptions of the consumer, to motivate him to action.

If you are interested in writing and you want to start your writing career, then take into account our tips on how to do it effectively and achieve the desired success. At any time, you can follow the link and get writing help from cheap essay writers from CheapWritingHelp, for example.

Search for Exchanges

To start a writing career, you must have certain knowledge and skills, study a number of relevant copywriting books, be able to rewrite, write correctly, without any mistakes. If you are confident you have these skills, then you can start by looking for copywriting exchanges. On such exchanges, employers publish orders and then select an author to execute them.

Tips for getting a job on the exchange:

  • First, you need to fill out a profile, that is, register. If you have a higher education, be sure to indicate this. Often an employer needs to find a writer with a specialized education to write texts on a specific topic. Therefore, by specifying education, your chance of getting a job increases significantly;
  • Take any orders, even if their price is low enough. Working with such orders at the initial stage, you can gain valuable experience;
  • Always work well. It is very important for you to demonstrate yourself from a good position, to show that you carry out tasks responsibly, observing all the requirements of the customer. This will help you get the first positive feedback;
  • When your rating on the exchange increases due to positive reviews, you can choose more complex and, of course, more expensive tasks;
  • Strive to create a base of your own customers who will always contact only you.

In order to determine the choice of the exchange, you need to its rating and study customer reviews. There are many different exchanges on the Internet today, so you are unlikely to have some difficulties with the search.

Working with Clients Directly

Web studios, private webmasters, and SEO agencies give writers the bulk of the orders. They create their own projects or develop websites that need texts. Taking this into account, you can start working with customers directly. We recommend that you do this a little after you have gained some experience of working on copywriting exchanges.

Follow these tips:

  • First, write a resume that will tell about your knowledge and skills, as well as about the work experience that you received on the exchange. Format it correctly and save it in .pdf format;
  • If possible, include in your resume a link to examples of your work. This will allow the customer to determine whether you write high-quality texts and whether you follow the basic requirements;
  • Please include your rates in your resume. Customers want to know what price you are willing to work for;
  • Send your resume to those customers you want to work with. It can be several webmasters, copywriting agencies, or web studios at once;
  • If you interest the customer, he will certainly contact you to discuss the details of the work.

It is very important to note that by working directly with employers, you may be exposed to certain risks, including the risk of not getting paid for the work performed. To minimize the possibility of such a situation, try to choose only reliable employers and write texts for actually registered companies.

Common Mistakes of Beginner Writers

Try to avoid the following mistakes in your work:

  • Spamming text with keywords (their too frequent use) often leads to the fact that the promoted site is no longer involved in the search;
  • Tautology (repetition of several words of the same root in one sentence). Always re-read what you have written. It is best to do this some time after you have finished writing;
  • A long introduction to the article, containing lengthy reflections on the obvious or not particularly significant things. Simply put, a lot of ‘water’;
  • Disregard for the rules of text formatting. Break the text into semantic blocks with subheadings, use tables, numbered or unnumbered lists. In general, do everything so that the article can be easily read;
  • Bad use of ‘complex’ keywords;
  • Abuse of introductory words and template phrases. The mastery of a copywriter is the ability to write original texts. “Maybe”, “for today”, “it’s not a secret for anyone” – these are meaningless phrases that increase the water content of the text and reduce the interest of users. The low quality of the text becomes especially noticeable if such phrases are used even where they are completely inappropriate.

So, as you can see, the path to professionalism in copywriting is not easy. But it will become simpler and shorter if there is a desire to learn and grow.

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