Startup founders praise PM Modi for extending digital benefits to remote villages

New Delhi, March 30 (IANS) Homegrown AI and tech startup founders have praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s efforts to democratize technology and bring digital public infrastructure (DPI) benefits to even the most remote villages. According to Sanket Shah, CEO of Invideo, India is leading in technology adoption thanks to innovations like UPI and Aadhaar.

MAI Lab’s Tapan Sangal emphasized PM Modi’s vision of democratizing technology to provide health, education, and economic empowerment for all citizens. DPIs like UPI and Aadhaar are expected to propel India towards a $8 trillion economy by 2030, reaching the $1 trillion digital economy target.

In a recent interaction with Microsoft Co-founder Bill Gates, PM Modi discussed various crucial topics related to AI and India’s digital advancements, highlighting the country’s proactive stance towards sustainable development. According to Sumit Singh, Co-founder of DashLoc, the government is actively engaged in expanding digital infrastructure beyond IT to non-IT sectors as well.

Singh noted that initiatives such as e-Kranti for farmers, public internet provisions, and enhancements at railway stations are examples of the government’s efforts to bridge the digital divide between rural and urban areas. Co-founder of Dozee, Mudit Dandwate, expressed excitement for the future, especially in sectors like agriculture and healthcare where significant changes are needed.

As India drives transformation, Dandwate emphasized that it leads to a global impact, making India a fertile ground for entrepreneurs. The startup community believes that the government’s efforts not only cater to present needs but also anticipate future requirements and serve the public interest effectively.

Overall, the consensus among homegrown AI and tech startup founders is that PM Modi’s efforts to democratize technology and advance digital infrastructure are propelling India towards a bright and innovative future, ensuring that no citizen is left behind in the digital race.


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