Stellantis boosts India’s EV export hub status with shipments to Indonesia

Stellantis has initiated its plan to position India as a hub for EV exports, starting with the shipment of 500 units of its ‘Citroen eC3′ electric car to Indonesia. Aditya Jairaj, CEO and MD of Stellantis India, highlighted the company’s commitment to exporting EVs and leveraging India’s manufacturing cost competitiveness.

Stellantis aims to leverage India’s cost competitiveness in manufacturing to expand its overseas shipments, particularly targeting Southeast Asian markets. Aditya Jairaj stated, “We also have plans for a couple of other markets, Nepal and Bhutan. This is just the start…the plan is to take it from there.”

Highlighting the significance of exporting the eC3, Jairaj emphasized Stellantis’ dedication to the ‘Make in India’ initiative and Citroen’s goal of promoting sustainable transportation. Stellantis is evaluating markets with high EV acceptance in Southeast Asia to expand its EV exports further and aims to capitalize on India’s position as a ‘best cost country’ for global markets.

Stellantis has successfully exported models like the C3 to Africa and the C3 Aircross to Malaysia and Indonesia. The company is considering exporting Jeep models from India to other Southeast Asian markets and Africa. Jairaj emphasized the quality and cost competitiveness of Indian products, highlighting the company’s flexibility and dynamism in adapting to market changes.

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