Stellantis CEO advocates for 50% decrease in weight of EV batteries. Here’s the reasoning behind it.

Stellantis CEO Calls for 50% Reduction in EV Battery Weight for Sustainability

Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares has urged the automotive industry to cut the weight of electric vehicle (EV) batteries by 50% over the next ten years. This call to action, made during Stellantis’ Freedom of Mobility Forum, aims to address environmental concerns and improve the sustainability of EVs.

Tavares pointed out that producing a battery pack for a 400-kilometer range EV currently requires an additional 500 kgs of raw materials compared to traditional vehicles. This not only has an environmental impact but also puts pressure on resources like lithium, a key component in EV batteries.

To tackle these challenges, Tavares emphasized the need for advancements in battery technology, especially in enhancing cells’ power density. He believes that significant progress in this area could lead to a 50% reduction in battery pack weight, making EVs more sustainable in the long run.

Stellantis’ commitment to innovation in mobility was highlighted during the forum, which aims to address global warming and mobility challenges. Tavares’ vision aligns with the company’s independent approach to driving innovation after departing from the European auto lobby group ACEA.

While hydrogen is seen as an alternative mobility technology, Tavares expressed doubts about its current feasibility due to high costs. He suggested that hydrogen may initially be suitable for corporate fleets but not yet affordable for regular consumers, stating, “”For the near future, it’s (possibly) going to be a solution for fleets of big corporations, but certainly not for normal citizens.”

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