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Steve Martin felt ‘hurt’ after being ambushed on the red carpet in 1996




Steve Martin was ‘hurt’ when he was ambushed on the red carpet in 1996

Hollywood actor and comedian Steve Martin recently revealed that he was upset after being ambushed on the red carpet by British comedian Paul Kaye in 1996. Martin shared that he was at a vulnerable moment in his career when the incident occurred, but he clarified that he did not cancel the rest of his interviews despite the suggestion.

Kaye, in his alter-ego as fictional interviewer Dennis, was known for accosting celebrities and asking insulting questions. Martin shared that Kaye has been haunted by the encounter ever since, with strangers asking him why he’s not funny anymore. Despite this, Martin holds no grudges and believes that things have gone well for him.

During a recent interview, Martin also reflected on his current career high and expressed gratitude for his success, acknowledging the fleeting nature of fame in the entertainment industry. He emphasized the importance of not taking success for granted, as one can be celebrated one day and criticized the next.


While the incident with Kaye may have been challenging for Martin at the time, he has moved past it and continued to find success in his career. The actor’s ability to navigate challenges and maintain a positive outlook serves as a reminder of the resilience required in the world of entertainment.

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