Story Of Life And Death Of Fat Cat alias Pang Mao Will Melt Your Heart

Fat Cat alias Pang Mao was a gamer from China found dead under the Yangtze Bridge in Chongqing.

His life story is getting a lot of sympathy and anger for the girl who led the 21-year-old gamer to end his life by drowning himself in the Yangtze River.

His tragic story has moved many netizens to put down McDonald’s and flowers along the bridge where Pang Mao ended his life.

The Heartbreaking Story of Gamer Pang Mao aka ‘Fat Cat’

However, what is the story behind McDonald’s? Read on to know more about this moving story.

Pang Mao (21), a gamer from China was madly in love with girl named Tan Zhu (27) for two years. Pang Mao was working very hard and was living this difficult life to be able to marry the girl he loved.

Pang had met Tan only two times and was in a long distance relationship with social media being the only means of contact between them.

They texted each other for two years and Pang also turned over most of his earnings to Tan and kept a miniscule part of his earnings to himself.

Pang was making a decent amount from his gaming and had collected 500,000 yuan or IDR 1.1 billion.

A few days before his death Pang had sent 66,000 yuan to Tan. The money that Pang sent to Tan was used mostly to finance her extravagant lifestyle.

Tang, who used Fat Cat as the game nickname for his game account, led a very simple and only ate vegetables every day and spent 10 yuan or Rp. 22,234.

He had hardly any money with himself and gave most of his earnings to Tan.

One day Pang wanted to buy a McDonald’s and asked Tan Zhu for money to buy the food. To his dismay Pang Mao’s great love and sacrifice was not reciprocated.

Tan talked to him rudely and even asked for a breakup since she was dating another man.

Hurt by her behavior Pang decided to end his life by jumping into the Yangtze River.

Pang was missing for 10 days before his body was fished out of the Yangtze River.

His body was decomposed and not recognizable.

His sister confirmed that Pang has been cremated. 

However what has irked the netizens most was Tan Zhu’s clarification, which was spread on social media.

The video was uploaded a few days back and featured Tan Zhu in an inappropriate attire saying that she was very sorry for Pang.

Tan Zhu, citing the TikTok account upload @molly_chan28 said,

“Hello, my name is Tan Zhu. Today is my first appearance (after Pang Mao passed away). I’m sorry, I even deeply regret this relationship. Cat, I don’t appreciate you well, I just want to make up with you now. It was me who betrayed your sincerity,”

Tan Zhu also admitted that after she received the news she immediately transferred 350 thousand Yuan or around Rp. 739 million to Fat Cat’s family. 

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