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YouTube is not just a video-sharing platform, but it is also one of the most popular search engines on the web. It is the second only after Google, and it is one of the top popular websites in the world, with more than a billion unique visitors every month.

YouTube is a marketing tool with great potential for your business as it serves to energize your current customers and attract other new customers. So if your business is B2B, you should keep in mind that 92% of B2B customers watch online videos, and 43% of B2B customers watch online videos when they are researching products and services for your business on YouTube.

Here we share some strategies and tips so that you can take advantage of the potential of video marketing for your business.

Optimize and configure your YouTube channel well

Remember to make use of the resources offered by the platform to make your channel attractive to the user and to the platform:

Create your avatar: fill in the required fields and take advantage of the resources to show yourself.

Header image: make it aesthetically attractive. You can also take advantage of it to promote the channel itself or what you offer.

Links: configure them to be able to direct visits to your other channels.

Featured videos

YouTube offers you the possibility to show a featured video to users who don’t know you and come to your channel, and other different ones for which they are already subscribed and are part of your community. You can use some tools to create a Youtube video for this. FlexClip is one of the best platforms which provides thousands of templates and resources.

Take advantage of this strategically because to the new ones, you will have something to tell them so that they know you, But those who are already part of your subscribers expect something more. Do not tell them what they already know.

Sort videos into playlists

Help the user with the order. Create playlists in which you can group the videos according to your criteria and display the content in a friendly and orderly way.

Label your videos well

Taking a few minutes to create the tabs for each of the videos that you are going to publish will have a beneficial return for your channel.

Do not forget to:

1.Give your video an attractive title

2.Fill in the description field. Attention to the first words, which are those that YouTube and Google will show in the search results.

3.Create the tags with which you want to associate it 

4.Choose or create the right thumbnails to make them attractive

5.Use the labels

Adding labels within the video is a good strategy to direct users to your website, blog or social networks.

Take advantage of Youtube Cards

The annotations made in the editor appear as labels or offer you graphic resources to be striking and attractive.

But for that, you have another great resource: YouTube Cards. They appear in the upper right corner of the videos. Closed it will show an icon of an “i”; When the user displays it, it shows the content you have configured, which can be of three types:

a link to a website

another channel

a video or playlist

What Kind of videos you can create for Youtube

If what has been explained so far convinces you, but you don’t know where to start or what types of videos you can make to start with a YouTube video marketing strategy, here are a few ideas.

Spots and advertisements

By making a budget-injected ad, you can take advantage of the strategy doubly by creating related videos that tell the full story, the behind-the-scenes process and how it was made, outtakes, and more. These could be a brilliant way to get visibility and make yourself known. Get creative and maybe even make it go viral.


Tell what you know how to do or that aspect in which you are a specialist. Take into account the educational aspect that I have mentioned above. YouTube is the second most used search engine after Google. Just remember that and take advantage of the fact that users are very aware of this to achieve visibility in your niche.

Courses, webinars …Lately, we are experiencing quite an explosion in this regard, right? It is the logical derivative of the tutorials. In this case, you will have to strategically work on the content so that it is didactic, entertaining so that users stay until the end, add value and arouse interest. 

And don’t forget the hook to attract them as potential customers of your product or service.

Don’t miss this video from my channel in which I explain how to create an online course:

Video blogs or Vlogs

Very trendy a few years ago, if you develop a strategy and work on it, you can find your niche here.

Data and Highlights

Resource videos are those in which the data is the thickness of the content and shows it in a very graphical way, like animated infographics.

From the famous Did you know …? even more complex levels, they are a good way to offer attractive and easy to digest and understand.

Branded Content

Showing the values and benefits of your product, service or brand through video is a great way to communicate.

Find the right style and tone and develop the content in such a way that what you tell connects with the user, that it excites them.

User-generated content

Depending on your industry and product, it can be a great way to build community. Suggest that users who use your product or service create videos telling how they do it.

You will get visibility, attraction for new prospects and positioning. A strategy to think about if the conditions are met in your case.


From interviews with clients or influential people in the sector, if you get the participation of these people, it will be a good strategy for your positioning.

Video with influencers

If you develop marketing actions with influencers in your niche, you can take advantage of this type of collaboration also in audiovisual format and take advantage of the advantages that video offers. 

Ready to catch the opportunities that Youtube video marketing offers you? How are you going to use video to hold and grow your business? I hope you leave us your opinion in the comments.

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