Study suggests active workstations can enhance cognitive performance and overall health

A new study conducted by Mayo Clinic suggests that using active workstations can help reduce sedentary time and improve mental cognition at work without affecting job performance. The study involved 44 participants in a randomised clinical trial where office settings were assessed over four consecutive days.

According to Dr. Francisco Lopez-Jimenez, a preventive cardiologist at Mayo Clinic, “Active workstations may offer a way to potentially improve cognitive performance and overall health, simply by moving at work.”

Researchers found that when participants used active workstations, their brain function either improved or stayed the same, and their typing speed only slowed down slightly. However, the accuracy of their typing was not affected.

The study revealed that standing, stepping, and walking led to improved reasoning scores compared to sitting. Dr. Lopez-Jimenez highlighted the importance of combating sedentary behavior, stating that “being sedentary is the new smoking when it comes to your cardiovascular health.”


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