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Suchana Seth, Bengaluru-based AI Startup CEO Arrested for Murder of 4-Year-Old Son

Bengaluru CEO Suchana Seth arrested for allegedly murdering her 4-year-old son in Goa. Details reveal shocking events leading to arrest.

Suchana Seth is a 39-year-old CEO of Mindful AI Lab, an artificial intelligence start-up company based in Bengaluru. As per allegations, she has been arrested for murdering her son in Goa. Suchana Seth’s son was only 4 years old.

On Tuesday, a police official stated that, after killing her son allegedly, the Chief Executive Officer traveled to a neighboring state, Karnataka with the body of the deceased. On Sunday, Goa Police arrested Suchana Seth from Chitradurga in Karnataka. However, the motive involved in the killing is not known yet.

Who is Suchana Seth?

Suchana Seth’s LinkedIn page describes her as the Chief Executive Officer of Mindful AI Lab. This company is a start-up focusing on AI. Moreover, in 2021 she was among the, ‘100 Brilliant Women in AI Ethics for 2021.’ Her LinkedIn page also represents her as, “Suchana an AI ethics expert and data scientist with over 12 years of experience in mentoring data science teams, and scaling machine learning solutions at startups and industry research labs.”

Suchana Seth is an alumnus of Raman Research Institute and Berkman Klein Centre at Harvard University. The woman holds several patents in natural language processing. She hails from West Bengal and lives in Bengaluru. Venkat Raman, her husband hails from Kerala.

The Case Unveiled

As per the information given by Paresh Naik, Calangute police station inspector, on January 6, 2024, Suchana Seth along with her son checked into a hotel at North Goa’s Candolim. After staying for a couple of days, the CEO asked to arrange a taxi for them to go to Bengaluru.

However, the cop stated that the staffers suggested Seth take a flight instead as it would be a less expensive option. However, Suchana asked for a taxi. On January 8, a taxi was arranged and she left for Bengaluru.

Later when the hotel cleaning staff arrived, they found stains of blood on a towel and informed the Calangute Police. Furthermore, the staff mentioned to the cops that the kid couldn’t be spotted with the woman when she left for Banglore.

However, it was unusual to see her carrying a heavy bag. When cops called Suchana about her missing son and blood stains, she replied the stains were from her monthly periods.

About her son, Seth said that the kid is in Margao town with the woman’s friend in South Goa. She was also asked to provide the address, however it turned out to be fake. The inspector talked to the taxi driver and reached Chitradurga district for investigation.

When the police checked her bag, they found a dead body of a kid. Seth’s husband has been informed about the dead body of a kid who is currently in Jakarta, Indonesia.

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