Sukkot 2021: Dates, History, Meaning, Significance, Celebration and everything

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Sukkot is a 7-day Jewish festival celebrated by Jews, Hebrews, Israelites, Messianic Jews, Samaritans, Semitic Neopagans in Israel. Sukkot is one of the three pilgrimage festivals, which also includes Pesach and Shavuot. The festival is also known as Feast of Tabernacles or Feast of Booths. Let us tell you more deeply about Sukkot, 2021 Dates, History, Meaning, Significance, Celebration and everything.

Sukkot 2021 Dates

Sukkot is celebrated from the 15th Day to the 21st day of the Tisherai month of the Hebrew Calendar. This year, Sukkot will start on the evening of 20th September and will end on the evening of 27th September.

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History and Significance

Sukkot commemorates the escape of Jewish peoples from Egypt. Jews people spent a whole year in a desert under difficult conditions, while going to the Promised land. As per Hebrew Bible, the Promised land is an area that subsequently gave Abraham and his descendants. People celebrate the way God protected jews people under difficult desert conditions. 

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If someone wishes to greet anyone on Sukkot, people simply says “Chag Sameach!“. Sukkot meals include fresh fruits, vegetables and other harvest-related ingredients. Traditional Dishes like – chicken soup, challah, and kugels are also served on this day. A temporary hut called “Sukkah” is built on this festival. For the seven days of festival, jews people eats food in Sukkah.

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