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Sula Vineyards to launch two new tasting rooms next fiscal, aiming for successful grape harvest.




Sula Vineyards to open two tasting rooms next fiscal, hopes for good grape harvest

Chennai/Nashik, March 4 (IANS) Listed wine-maker Sula Vineyards Ltd is set to expand its operations by opening tasting rooms across the country, with plans to open its fourth and fifth wine-tasting rooms next fiscal. The company is also expecting a record grape harvest this year.

The company will open its fourth tasting room on the Mumbai-Agra highway near the Nashik Airport and HAL Ozar, catering to the growing demand from regions north and east of Nashik. CEO Rajeev Samanth stated, “This marks a significant step for Sula – our first tasting room outside our own winery premises.”

The 2024 grape harvest is anticipated to be excellent in quantity and quality for the fourth consecutive year, with over 10,500 tonnes of wine grapes expected to be harvested. COO Karan Vasani noted, “Red grapes now make up about 65 per cent of total wine grapes, a significant increase from five years ago, reflecting India’s preference for red wines.”


Sula Vineyards Ltd is already planning to open a fifth tasting room in the second half of fiscal year 2025. As the company continues to expand its presence across the country, the wine industry is poised for further growth and development.

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