Summer Saree Wardrobe 2023: Elevate Your Looks With These 5 Bollywood-Inspired Saree Ensembles (2023)

Due to their elegance, Indian women favor wearing sarees for a variety of situations, from formal gatherings to happy festivities. Similar to other celebrities, Bollywood stars favor elegant sarees in a variety of situations, such as red-carpet events, award ceremonies, movie promotions, and social gatherings. These are Bollywood inspired 5 summer saree looks that are appropriate for june 2023, it’s colorful, light, pleasing to the eyes, and perfect for you to try out!

5 Bollywood-Inspired Summer Saree Looks:

1. Shraddha Kapoor

You can definitely rely on pastel sarees paired with a stylish bralette to enhance your clothing, just like Shraddha Kapoor did with her gorgeous pastel red summer saree. This is true whether it’s a wedding breakfast or a festive event.

Shraddha Kapoor Summer Saree

2. Sonam Kapoor

Sarees made of linen feel nice against the skin and are the best choice for maximum comfort on warm summer days. The color white does it even better for the weather. The whole look radiates a glow and if you want to style it down, easily get rid of the jewels.

Sonam Kapoor Saree

3. Sanya Malhotra

In this simple beige saree, Sanya Malhotra perfectly captures the spirit of carefree and easy summer dressing. Her choice of a colorful teal blouse to go with it is the epitome of impeccable contrasting fashion.

Sanya Malhotra Saree Looks

4. Huma Qureshi

For a daytime journey on a sunny day, bright colors in abstract designs or pinstripes can be a great option. Huma Qureshi made a fashion statement by donning a gorgeous, breezy summer saree with a coral print teamed with a chic and modern top.

Huma Qureshi in Saree

5. Keerthy Suresh

Don’t you think that summer fashion is definitely linked with delicate floral motifs in vibrant hues? If you need inspiration, go no farther than Keerthy Suresh, who radiates pure elegance while wearing a light saree with lovely floral patterns in red, green, and yellow against a creamy background.

Keerthy Suresh

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