4 Times, When Supporting Movie Characters Overshadowed the Leads

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The success of any movie depends on many factors such as cast, screenplay, script, and many more. But there were times when you come across a movie that leaves with an impression that was not tended to or hoped for. Sometimes supporting actor is the reason why the movie becomes a masterpiece. Here are a few that need to watch right now if you are looking for great supporting roles that demised the main character. 

4 Supporting Movie Characters Who Overshadowed the Leads

1. Alfred Pennyworth in ‘The Dark Knight Trilogy

Supporting Movie Characters

Famously known as Batman’s butler, Alfred also became Bruce’s companion and guidance counselor after the death of his parents. He also served in British Special Air Service. This is the reason why his skills were so helpful to Batman. The reality is without Alfred there will be no Batman. He is a paternal figure for Brue, a real family that is always needed and admired. He was not just a regular servant he was the backbone of Batman. 

2. Ramona Vega in ‘Hustlers’

Best actors in Supporting Roles

A naive young stripper, Destiny (Constance Wu), befriends an experienced stripper, Ramona who taught her to play the game without being underwhelmed. However, it was easy to side with Destiny, as a young mother trying everything in her way to make ends meet. But it was Ramona who takes the limelight with her wit and strong acting skills. Played by Jennifer Lopez, it was hard to favor her when you know her action and illegal activities. 

3. Captain Edward John Smith in ‘Titanic’


The iconic movie is still talked about to this day. Titanic ship’s captain Edward John Smith (Bernard Hill) is the reason why the movie has such a pure and realistic side. He took full responsibility for his ship. Filled with ego, he ignored all the signs and went ahead by pushing the engine to take the ship ahead. It was his decisions that took the life of so many people. 

4. Norman Nordstrom in ‘Don’t Breathe’

Don't Breathe

A mind-boggling story with an amazing star cast. As the movie starts you will see a bunch of teenagers trying to play it cool by stealing money from a blind person, giving a sad story as the movie goes ahead you will find out that the blind person is a war veteran and is all set to kill every person that entered his house to steal from him. You will switch sides with the character as the movie continues. 

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