Tags New Health Insurance Rules in India

Tag: New Health Insurance Rules in India

8 Things You Get to Know When Buying Health Insurance Online

Not only does it help in lowering down the financial burden, but it also helps in assuring routine health check-ups and helps in preparing for a medical emergency.

5 Things to Consider When Buying Health Insurance Plans for Family

Choosing the best health insurance plans for family is not difficult if you consider some vital factors before buying any health insurance plan.

Is Coronavirus treatment covered under your Existing Health Insurance Policy?

Yes, your health insurance policy offers protection against Coronavirus. All the medical insurance policies cover hospitalization expenses related to illnesses and diseases unless it is a disease-specific plan.

October 01, 2021: New health insurance rules to be implemented in India

October 01, 2021, will be observing new health insurance rules. The adjustments in the health cover have in fact being launched in the aftermath of Covid-19, a newly found contagious disease. The costs for premium health services will finally rise with a...

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