Taiwan Earthquake Scary Videos: Bridges Swinging, Buildings Tilted, 60 Injured and 7 Died

Taiwan earthquake videos are being shared extensively on social media platforms. Today, a massive earthquake hit Taiwan which resulted in injuring at least sixty people and killing 7 others. The earthquake has also triggered warnings of a tsunami in the Philippines and Japan, reported Mint.

Social media are currently flooded with dramatic visuals featuring bridges swaying, buildings shaking and people running for cover.

AFP, the news agency, has warned that the earthquake that hit Taiwan is the strongest quake in the last 25 years, measuring 7.4 on the Richter scale. Moreover, officials have issued warnings of more tremors in the future.

In 1999, Taiwan experienced the strongest earthquake of 7.6 magnitude which killed 2400 people.

Multiple Videos Surfaced on Social Media

Social media are currently flooding with videos of flooded and its aftermath.

Several buildings could be seen swaying due to the shaking of the earth.

Another video surfaced on social media that featured people stuck on a bridge.

The bridge seemed to swing in the wake of the massive quake.

According to Washington Post, AFP stated that, when the quakes ended, multi-storey structures all over the Hualien and surrounding places tilted. Furthermore, “a warehouse in New Taipei City was reduced to dust.”

Brief about Casualties

Among the seven casualties reported, three people were from a bunch of seven going on a morning hike through the hills. They lost their lives in a landslide. A person who died was reportedly a truck driver. When he was near a tunnel, his truck was hit by a landslide.

Local Taiwanese TV channels feature bulldozers clearing rocks lying on the roads.

Tsai Ing-wen, the Taiwan President, asked for central and local government agencies to coordinate with each other. Moreover, the national army is entitled to provide support.

In Taiwan’s capital city, the metro stopped running, but later resumed within an hour. Residents were issued warnings to check for any gas leaks from their local borough chiefs.

Due to the geographical location of the island, it is regularly hit by earthquakes. As it lies “near the junction of two tectonic plates.”

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