Taiwan earthquake will not disrupt global electronics supply chain, says ICEA

Industry Leaders Confirm No Impact on Global Supply Chain from Taiwan Earthquake

New Delhi, April 4 (IANS) – Following a massive earthquake in Taiwan, a key supplier of chips and displays to OEMs, industry leaders reassured that there will be no impact on the global supply chain for mobile phones and electronics. Pankaj Mohindroo, Chairman of ICEA, stated that Taiwan is resilient, with no adverse effects expected.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation (TSMC), the island’s largest chipmaker, quickly restored over 70% of its chip-making functions within 10 hours of the earthquake. Nikkei Asia reported that no vital machines were damaged, ensuring smooth operations for key Apple suppliers and tech hubs on the island.

With Taiwan playing a crucial role in the tech industry’s supply chain, companies like Nvidia also expressed confidence in the situation. TSMC’s proactive installation of shock absorbers at its facilities demonstrates a commitment to minimizing disruptions, with reports suggesting a reduction in vibrations by 15-20%.

Overall, the earthquake in Taiwan has not caused any significant setbacks for the global supply chain serving mobile phones and electronics. The swift response and resilience of industry leaders and key suppliers have helped maintain stability in the market, providing reassurance to consumers and manufacturers alike.


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