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9 Best Tamil Crime Thriller Movies To Watch This Weekend

Explore gripping Tamil crime thrillers: Yutham Sei, Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru, and Thani Oruvan. Unravel suspense with top-notch casts on various streaming platforms.

Listed below are some of the best Tamil crime thriller movies you can watch this weekend. Keep on scrolling-

Top Tamil Crime Thriller Movies

9. Yutham Sei

Tamil Crime Thriller Movies
Image Credit: IMDb
Ananyaa Shah
Y.G. Mahendran
Crew:Director: Mysskin
IMDB Rating:7.9⭐
Where to Watch:Disney+ Hotstar

A regular guy is determined to defeat the corruption lurking in his country. It revolves around a CID officer who decides to take on a dangerous case while searching for his missing sister. The movie is directed by Mysskin and features Y.G. Mahendran, Ananyaa Shah, and Cheran in leading roles.

8. The Wolf and the Goat

Best Tamil Crime Thriller Movies
Image Credit: IMDb
Adithya Menon
Crew:Director: Mysskin
IMDb Rating:8.1⭐
Where to Watch:Disney+ Hotstar

It revolves around a kid who saves a dying person who escaped captivity. His action sets off the game of hunter being hunted. The movie features many action sequences that will keep you hooked to your TV screens. The cast includes Adithya Menon and Mysskin in prominent roles. Mysskin is also the director of the movie.

7. Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru

Top Tamil Crime Thriller Movies
Image Credit: IMDb
Prakash Raghavan
Crew:Director: Karthick Naren
IMDb Rating:8.2⭐
Where to Watch:Amazon Prime Video

A police officer returns to work to investigate a case after his accident. Many years later, as he delves deeper into the investigation, he is forced to confront the ghost of his past, involving the death of his friend’s son. The cast of the movie includes Sharathkumar, Prakash Raghavan, and Rahman in leading roles.

6. Naan

Naan - Tamil Crime Thriller Movies
Image Credit: IMDb
Cast:Vijay Antony
Rupa Manjeri
Siddharth Venugopal
Crew:Director: Shankar
IMDb Rating:7.5⭐
Where to Watch:N/A

It revolves around a determined orphan who aspires to achieve success in his life. He decides to use the educational degree of his deceased co-passenger, but things take a drastic turn when he gets caught in a web of lies. Jeeva Shankar has directed the movie, featuring Rupa Manjari, Siddarth Venugopal, and Vijay Antony in leading roles.

5. Thegidi

Thegidi - Tamil Crime Thriller Movies
Image Credit: IMDb
Cast:Ashok Selvan
Janani Iyer
V. Jayaprakash
Crew:Director: P. Ramesh
IMDb Rating:7.6⭐
Where to Watch:Disney+ Hotstar

A police officer falls into the wrong hands of phony agents, triggering a series of repercussions that lead to numerous massacre events. The cast of the film features V. Jayaprakash, Janani Iyer, and Ashok Selvan in leading roles.

4. Aaranya Kaandam

Tamil Crime Thriller Movies
Image Credit: IMDb
Cast:Sampath Raj
Jackie Shroff
Ravi Krishna
Crew:Director: Thiagarajan Kumararaja
IMDb Rating:8.5⭐
Where to Watch:Amazon Prime Video

It depicts a mob boss who must learn to navigate a disgruntled mistress and a bag of cocaine. Thiagarajan Kumararaja is the director of the movie, with the cast featuring Ravi Krishna, Jackie Shroff, and Sampath Raj in leading roles.

3. Imaikkaa Nodigal

Top Tamil Crime Thriller Movies
Image Credit: IMDb
Atharvaa Murali
Anurag Kashyap
Crew:Director: R. Ajay Gnanamuthu
IMDb Rating:7.3⭐
Where to Watch:Amazon Prime Video

A CBI officer is on the hunt for a serial killer. Soon, things take a turn for the worse when the murderer starts targeting him and his family. The movie is directed by R. Ajay Gnanamuthu and features Anurag Kashyap, Atharvaa Murali, and Nayanthara in lead roles.

2. Kurangu Bommai

Best Tamil Crime Thriller Movies
Image Credit: IMDb
Delna Davis
Crew:Director: Nithilan Swaminathan
IMDb Rating:7.9⭐
Where to Watch:ZEE5

Sundaram, a loyal worker, decides to take orders from his boss Ekamabaram. It reaches a point where Ekamabaram asks Sundaram to smuggle an important item into his car. The movie is directed by Nithilan Swaminathan and features Delna Davis and Vidharth Bharathiraja in leading roles.

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1. Thani Oruvan

Thani Oruvan
Image Credit: IMDb
Cast:Jayam Ravi
Arvind Swami
Crew:Director: Mohan Raja
IMDb Rating:8.4⭐
Where to Watch:Sun NXT

A renowned scientist, Siddharth Abimanyu, is involved in various illegal medical businesses. Meanwhile, IPS officer Mithran discovers this and decides to expose him to the world. The movie features Nayanthara, Arvind Swami, and Jayam Ravi in leading roles.

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