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Tata Power installs EV charging stations along important routes to Ayodhya

Tata Power collaborates with the Ayodhya Development Authority to install EV charging points in the city to promote the adoption of electric vehicles. These charging stations are strategically located along crucial routes linking Ayodhya with major nearby cities to accelerate the transition towards sustainable transportation.

CEO Deepesh Nanda highlighted the importance of these stations in promoting innovation and environmental stewardship, setting the pace for the nation’s journey towards Net Zero emissions. Tata Power’s efforts include over 80,000 home chargers, 5,300+ public charging points, and 850 bus charging stations, emphasizing their commitment to eco-friendly transportation.

Gaurav Dayal, Commissioner of Ayodhya, praised the initiative for not only improving the city’s infrastructure but also ushering in a new era of eco-consciousness and progress. The collaboration between Tata Power and the Ayodhya Development Authority aims to shape a sustainable future benefiting all stakeholders and promoting environment-friendly practices.


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