Techniques used for music composition in film, games, and other media

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The use of interactive music is the buzzword in the world of modern gaming and filming.

This holds true especially in a game setting as it is a constantly evolving sector.

Innovative music composition techniques can do more than just create a unique score, but give programs the ability to move the storyline forward based on an emotional context. 

Although some of the methods of music composition methods are contrary to the traditional linear film-scoring, you can be sure of never being disappointed. 

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Vertical Remixing

This provides you with the ability to remove or add instrument layers such as when Sonic goes into a high-speed mode during gameplay.

You can also observe this on top of the current music when a drum loop is seen.

Horizontal Re-sequencing

This comes in handy when you need to switch from one musical cue to another at
a game event.

As a composer, you can choose to customise the way engine switches function.

Digital Signal Processing (or DSP)

This unique musical technique is employed for applying
real-time effects to enhance gameplay.

These effects include panning, reverb, EQ filters, delay and distortion, among others. 

Instrumental and Arrangement Alteration

Interactive music techniques have seeped into more than just scoring for games, but can ensemble or change the lead instrument based on the type of music or a movie.

For a less harsh switching to a totally different music cue, a subtle change needs to be applied in the music.

Musical Stingers

In order to signal a music event, a short musical phrase (or a stinger) can be played on top of the original track.

Stingers are often implemented in films when a character dies, or something’s found.

Tempo Alteration

This is required to increase the tension in a movie while slowing it down at the same time.

Tempo-manipulated audio is generally hard to work with.

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This technique is primarily used for reducing repetition, either by changing the musical form or randomising the start point within a music cue.

It can also prove beneficial in preventing musical phrases from beginning in the same section.

Harmonic Approach, Melodic Adaptation, and Note Manipulation

This allows dynamic progression towards changing the melodic or chord during gameplay. 

Modal and key alterations can make room for enhancing the game’s dramatic storytelling.

As opposed to a pre-sequenced order, scoring for games or organising musical events that are occurring in real-time can become difficult without the help of the above-mentioned techniques.

Mainly, when considering gameplay events based on the choices of the player, it is important that you create scores by implementing a variety of compositional techniques.

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