The 4 best reasons to print your own food labels

To save money and increase production efficiency, many companies outsource product labels. It is possible to determine if outsourcing is the best option. It may be more advantageous to print food labels in-house depending on the size of your business.

These are the top 4 reasons why label production in-house is a better choice.

1. Outsourced printing comes at a price

Although it might seem like an enormous weight off your shoulders to use another facility for your prepared food labels, this may not be true. Outsourcing can cause delays in your labeling and cost your business valuable time.

If an outsourced label shipment is delayed, your company will lose the orders it was supposed to have in stock and on the shelves. These delays and errors are inevitable.

You can have setbacks or affect the sell-by date of your products if you make mistakes. This is particularly true for businesses that make custom orders and prepare food.

These problems can be avoided by purchasing a short-run food label printer to bring production in-house quickly.

Impression Technology Europe states that short-run digital printers can be implemented in-house. This is because the initial investment is much less expensive, and the cost per print is meager. It will cost clients less than outsourcing, based on the output.

An in-house digital printer is our main alternative to outsourcing. This will save you both time and reduce the cost per label.

2. Not all environments are created equal

Frozen food labels

Some prepared foods must be frozen. However, that doesn’t mean your packaging quality or appearance should suffer. Your frozen food products in your store must be compatible with the rest. It is your brand. But, the incorrect label can cause wrinkles from condensation, fading due to exposure or loss of adhesion, and labels falling off.

Your business may be using regular pre-printed labels.

Finding the suitable label material for your printing results is as important as designing your design. TCS  has created unique materials that can absorb inks to ensure that printed labels don’t smear. This allows for the accurate reproduction of colors.

Your business will be able to control your printing and label materials completely, allowing you to create branded labels that look professional.

3. It is not easy to keep up with FDA Regulations and Demands

label nutrition facts table

Your product labels can only be affected if you keep up with FDA’s changes in regulations and formats. Your entire product line may be subject to massive recalls if standards are met.

This can be intimidating because of font restrictions, mandatory statements, and allergen alerts.

You want to focus your efforts as a food manufacturer/grocer on your recipes, production, and sales, not FDA labeling.

It is vital to follow FDA regulations to avoid recalls. However, there are ways to make your life easier.

An in-house label printer is a great tool. You can instantly customize labels for any format, date, rule, or format change.

You can print prepared food labels in-house. This allows you to print exactly the number of tags you require on demand. This means no more lost labels, no overstock, and no more shortfalls. This allows you to be more flexible in your printing process and also gives you the opportunity for promotional or seasonal packaging.

4. Things are better when you’re in control

Your brand’s labels are your face. You need to be professional and show your best. You can take control of your business, eliminate external problems and print prepared food labels in-house.

Due to their variety of sizes and styles, food label printers can be difficult to choose. TCS Digital Solutions helps customers to find the right solution for printing. Your satisfaction is their ultimate goal, and they will do all it takes to exceed your expectations.

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