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The 8 Show OTT Release Date, Cast, Storyline, and Where To Watch – Platform?

In this article, we’ll get to know about the storyline, release date, OTT platform, and more about the brand new series, “The 8 Show”. Scroll along to know it all.

The 8 Show Storyline (Plot)

The Money Game is a game where participants join because they’re low on money and need to win more. In this game, they have a chance to win big prizes, but there’s a twist.

They have to stay inside a studio for 100 days. However, the catch is that everything available inside the studio is super expensive. So, they have to be mindful of how they spend their money wisely.

It’s like a real-life heist where they have to take control of their money and time. It’s all about survival of the fittest in this game.

The 8 Show Cast and Their Roles

The cast of this series includes Rich Ting as Tae Seok, Anzu Lawson as Mun Jeong, Ryu Jun-yeol as Jin Soo, Chun Woo-hee as Se Ra, Min-Jung Park as Philip, Park Hae-joon as Bae Sung-woo, Sang Gook as Moon Jeong-Hee, Moon Jung as Yul-Eum Lee, Lee Joo-young as Chun Ja, many more cast are expected to show up in the series!

The 8 Show OTT Release Date and Time

The show is all set to be released on OTT and to be aired on May 17, 2024. It will be available worldwide.

Where to Watch The 8 Show? OTT Platform

The series will be available on OTT platform Netflix. After its release worldwide, people can check out and stream the series anytime they want.

The 8 Show Trailer

The 8 Show Promotional Social Media Posts

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