The Best Makeup Trends of Year 2021

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With time, everything changes and so do our beauty trends. Every year you will witness some new makeup trend going on. It can be dramatic lips or feather brows or heavy base makeup or any other makeup trend. And in this blog, you will see some of the best makeup trends that you must have seen in the year 2021. 

It has been truly said, “Makeup is meant to enhance beauty, not cover it”. Often people think that women do makeup to hide their flaws or blemishes. But that is not the case. Women do makeup to enhance their beautiful features. It can be something as minimalistic as putting on kajal or applying lipstick. It is not necessary that everyone loves doing heavy makeup or light makeup. Every individual has their preferences and one should embrace their choices with open arms. 

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Everyone is aware that 2020 was not a memorable year because of the pandemic. However, we should look on the brighter side of life. And what can be more amazing than going back to the year 2020 and seeing some of the best makeup trends? Keep reading the blog to see the trending styles in makeup and do give it a try the next time you are going for a party or some occasion. 


  1. Multi-Colored Eye: This is a fabulous way to experiment with different colors. Before trying this makeup trend, do remember to put an eyeshadow primer first.
  2. Colorful Lower-Line: Why should only top lashes have all the fun? Try to put the same or lighter shade liner under your lower lashes. 
  3. Animal Print Eyeshadow: This eyeshadow looks super cool. However, you need to be a pro in applying makeup to try out this look. 
  4. Glossy Eyeshadow: You can easily get this look by applying some lip gloss above your lash line and blend it properly with your finger.
  5. Mismatched Eyeshadow: If you cannot decide between two colors, then experiment with a different shade on each eye. 


  1. Pink Lips: The year 2020 is all about going pink. Go for hot pink lipstick and if you want it to stay for a longer duration, then opt for a matte lipstick. 
  2. Glossy Lips: This 90s trend has made a comeback in 2021. However, you can try this trend with a little bit of twist. Instead of going for clear lip gloss, apply the one with pops of color. 
  3. Red Lipstick: No matter what you cannot part ways with the classic red lipstick. This will never go out of trend and will continue to be in the trend always and forever. 
  4. Unusual Color Lipstick: Well, if you are the one who likes to experiment with different colors, then go crazy with it. 
  5. Metallic Lipstick: Here is another way to go bold. You will find metallic lipstick in all colors. Have fun trying it out.

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  1. Glass Skin: This trend of 2021 can be achieved by putting moisturizer, oil, and highlighter. It gives your skin a glowing effect. 
  2. Sheer Makeup: The main focus of the year 2021 was the lesser, the better. Proudly show your complexion and only target the area which needed glow. 
  3. Sun-Kissed Look: Get this flushed glow look efficiently by putting the blush on the bridge of your nose. It will give you a sun-kissed and more natural look.
  4. Lightly Highlighted Skin: Highlight the area on your face where light touches. Your face will look naturally highlighted.
  5. Face Embellishments: Your childhood stickers will come in handy now as you can play around with different stickers on your face. 

Just remember to be confident in whatever you are doing whether it is metallic lip color or mismatched eye shadow. Confidence is the key. You can also hire a bridal makeup artist if you are looking for that perfect makeup look you desire. 

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