The Best Moments of the Tokyo Olympics

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At the recent Tokyo Olympics, we witnessed some athletes creating history, and others winning our hearts. It was a huge risk to hold a colossal event in the middle of a global pandemic. However, Tokyo showed immense courage to host a pandemic Olympic Games, and what an event it was!

There were many firsts that we witnessed in the Tokyo Olympics. Female athletes displayed a lot of grit and winning spirit in all categories. We witnessed sportsmanship, athletes cheering for each other, people showcasing their true selves, and more.

Even with the stadiums being empty, the Olympics garnered immense attention through multimedia screens all over the world. However, a few moments stood out for everyone as they touched our hearts, way beyond winning a gold medal. So let’s dig in and review the most exciting moments of the 2021 Olympics!

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Cheers to Mental Health

Apart from the winning teams, there is one face that seized the limelight of the Olympics game. You’ve probably guessed we’re talking about Simone Biles! After withdrawing from the first final vault and a few other events, this US gymnast displayed a true sense of endurance.

For a global gymnastics star, it isn’t an easy task to give up on such glorious opportunities. Biles was encountering major mental health issues during the event. She decided to step down from the finals as she didn’t want to risk her team’s success and gamble with her health.

In response, she received tremendous support and love from millions of fans. It encouraged her to make a comeback at the balance beam, where she won a bronze for the finals. Biles demonstrated that focusing on your mental health is more important than any medal.

Partnership of Medals

Gianmarco Tamberi of Italy and Mutaz Barshim of Qatar shared their gold medal after a tie for the high jump final. Instead of a tie-breaker jump as a deciding factor, both athletes decided to share the medal.

This moment was truly inspiring as many fans believed that both athletes deserved to win the gold. Through sleepless nights and life of ups and downs, both high jumpers had become close. A rarity in the Olympics final, this episode melted our hearts.

Indians Shine as Ever

With seven medals in their possession, Indian athletes this was India’s best performance at the Olympics to date. It was an impressive ride starting with Neeraj Chopra winning gold and the Indian women’s team qualifying for women’s hockey for the first time.

Let’s not forget the powerful discus throw by Kamalpreet Kaur, who became the first Indian10 Mind-Blowing Facts About the Olympic Games athlete to break the 65-meter barrier. Mirabai Chanu won silver in the weightlifting category and created history by showcasing loads of determination.

Allyson Felix Became the Most Decorated US Athlete

US track athlete Allyson Felix garnered countless triumphs in the Olympics. She won the most medals in the track and field category and became the first female athlete to reach this milestone.

Felix has won everything from gold to silver to bronze through her sheer dedication and unmatched skills. At the Tokyo Olympics, she won the Bronze after her second-fastest 400m race in her career.

Skateboarding’s Olympic Debut

Even with the limited freedom of skateboarding around Tokyo, young and aspiring athletes from Japan bagged a silver and three gold medals in the skateboarding category, with skateboarding making a remarkable debut in the Olympics.

Yuot Horigome stunned us with his exceptional skills. This 22-year-old won gold in the street skateboard competition and demonstrated complex flips and ‘noseslides’ on the rails. Also, Momiji Nishiya became the youngest athlete in Japan to win gold. This 13-year-old delivered some incredible flips and won the women’s street skateboard contest.

Breaking Stereotypes

UK diver Tom Daley created history by winning gold in the 10 meters synchronized platform diving and won hearts across social media platforms. After winning the medal, Tom Daley also revealed he is a proud gay man and wants to inspire the LGBTQ community with his victory. He even mentioned the huge acceptance he received during the Olympics.

Canadian athlete Quinn won gold in women’s football. She openly accepted herself as a transgender athlete and won immense support from the team. The Tokyo Olympics was a game-changer for athletes marking major milestones. 

The Victory of the Fall

Dutch refugee Sifan Hassan suffered a fall during the 1,500-meter race after she entered the final lap. However, that did not stop her from winning the race in the end.

The athlete ran her way to gold in the 1,500 m women’s race and a bronze in the finals. Hassan is the only woman to win a medal in both medium and long-distance track events.


The Tokyo Olympics in itself was a huge hit and garnered much success even in the midst of a pandemic. It taught us about celebrating your fellow athlete’s victories, putting importance on mental health over winning medals and, of course, believing in your true self.  With moments of shared delight and anguish, the Tokyo Olympics gave us countless memories.

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