The Best Online Resources to Learn a Music Instrument on Your Own

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Universal, that’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about music. Now, as much as willingness and curiosity to learn to play a musical instrument matters, you will need quite a few online resources to hone your skills.

Every now and then, you will find online resources that are worth saving for later on. Think of it as a continuous checklist that you should build over time. The more time you dedicate to accumulate relevant online resources, the more opportunities you will have to express yourself through music.

​Although there are many musical instruments, the most accessible resources you can find online revolve around the guitar and piano. In fact, online piano lessons practically have the same standards as professional in-person lessons.

What Can Online Resources Do for You?

With online lessons, you can learn about the music structure and theory to compose something majestic. Remember, the vast majority of music maestros focus on basic tactics that they master throughout their lifetime. However, before you follow on the same path, it would be better to form positive learning habits and gather online resources that can help you move closer to your goals.

Use Web and Video Tutorials

You have more than a dozen online options to learn to play a musical instrument. Of course, YouTube contains an ocean of information on all kinds of instruments without any cost. Ideally, however, your entire focus should not be to rely on YouTube. Instead, take organized and structured online lessons to spark your imagination and realize your full potential.

Useful Reddit Discussions

On the other hand, you can check some famous Reddit discussions about playing the piano or guitar. If you’re picky about what you read, you can skip the discussion board that does not contain valuable information. Not to mention some online instructors can help you “look” for the “right” music resources.

Instinctively Gather Online Resources

In the beginning, however, you should stick to your instincts and gather online music resources that cater to “your” needs. Preferably, don’t search specifically for video tutorials. Instead, look for a combination of written and video resources to polish your skills.

As much as the written information is useful, your mind responds to visual information more quickly. In fact, your mind can store a visual memory for years. Therefore, a visualized app is an effective way to specific music lessons and practice the way you want.

Mobile Music Apps Will be Your Next Best Friend

The best thing about learning a musical instrument from online resources is that you can practice on the go. It may sound like a cliché, but quietly practicing on a musical instrument in your room will lead to real results.

That said, some apps are designed to achieve specific purposes. For instance, you can find music on Apple Store about learning chords and music theory. Essentially, you will find music apps that either offer a wide array of features or specific exclusive features.

Take Advantage Third-Party Online Platforms

You don’t have to have an obsession with a musical instrument to learn the basics. And this is where third-party platforms for added guidance. For instance, if you want assistance throughout your music lessons, you can avail services of, say, a piano instructor in real-time.

Online music instructors and teachers matter because there will be moments of frustration when you can’t figure out a video, audio, or written lesson. Often, online learners seek the guidance of instructors only to clear the core concepts around their preferred musical instrument.

On the other hand, you can always take direct and quick tips from pianists via Skype or Zoom. However, there’s a good chance you will not have to acquire the services of a third-party platform or instructor if you pay an app for full online lessons. Another benefit of taking full online music lessons from an app is that you can ask occasional questions through the support system.

Try Music Games

You may have read or heard a lot about the disadvantages associated with games, and that’s fine. But the fact remains that playing online games improves your ability to make decisions quickly. In fact, playing online music games will help you understand patterns that would ordinarily take weeks or months to spot.

There are numerous online music games that can help you improve your compositions and learn the basics faster. You can narrow down the essential music games in terms of their engagement ratio and usefulness. Although you don’t have to make a habit of playing one or more music games, it is an activity that will help you experiment with looping, pitch, and rhythm.

Create a Schedule to Practice and Follow It

Learning to play a music instrument requires self-discipline and patience. Therefore, look for productivity apps on Google Play Store or Apple Store that can help you dedicated a specific time of the day for online music sessions. You can create a personalized routine through productivity apps and come up with a weekly or monthly routine.

Wrap Up

Before you start to learn a musical instrument, don’t forget to set objectives. You should also have a clear understanding of where you want to be as a pianist or guitarist in two or three years. If you have doubts about your choice of instrument, practice the one that comes naturally to you the most.

If you think you can dedicate a proper time to the piano each week, then that’s your choice of musical instrument. When you start to learn from online resources, you don’t necessarily have to be a perfectionist. Instead, test your skills and knowledge objectively and without bias.

And when you think you’re ready to play in front of others, that’s the moment you’ll know you have managed to fulfill your goals. You can, of course, use an online planner to schedule practice sessions and keep an eye on your performance. With the right Online Resources to Learn a Music, you can be your own instructor and motivate yourself to play a musical instrument that would astound everyone around you.

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