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The first CNG tractor launched in India, know what will be the benefits

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In the country, not only vehicles, but tractor will also be run by CNG. Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari has launched the country’s first CNG tractor run on Friday. The Union Minister said, now tractors will no longer depend on diesel only.

We have another option to run them. Stating the advantages of CNG-powered tractors, Gadkari said that farmers will be able to save up to one lakh rupees in a year by using CNG Tractors. Not only this, these tractors will prove to be very helpful in reducing air pollution.

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Tractors will be able to be used for 15 years

The first advantage for farmers using CNG tractors will be that they will have to spend less on CNG tractors than on diesel tractors. Another major advantage will be that under the new emission standard, there will be no ban on driving tractors.

Farmers will be able to use this tractor for 15 years. However, nothing has been told about the price of the technical changes made regarding CNG tractors.

After some time, technology will be much cheaper

Giving more information about this new technology used in tractors, Gadkari said that the cost may be higher in the initial use of the technology, but later becomes quite sixty.

Being a cheap technology, small farmers can also use it. Also, to convert from diesel to CNC will not have to work very hard. For this, the government will open technology centers to convert diesel to CNG in villages and towns.

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People will get employment on a large scale

The Union Minister further informed that in the first phase, city buses, taxis, cars and bikes will be brought on alternative fuels in cities. It will then gradually be replaced by interstate public bus service and trucks on alternative fuels.

He said that people will get employment on a large scale as soon as this scheme starts. Let me tell you that under this scheme, the government wants to reduce the expenditure on petroleum products every year.

On this occasion, Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan said that India ranks third in the world in terms of fuel consumption, China first and America comes second. In such a situation, the emphasis is on alternative fuels in association with road transport.

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