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The future of casino in Canada

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Now that both online and in-person gambling has established itself comfortably in the Canadian market, we can now start looking at the future of casinos throughout the provinces. Whilst casinos are so heavily regulated, change is unlikely to be fast, however now that casino culture is in, stepping forward with both technology and a range of features is truly the only way to stay ahead of the crowd.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the nation’s favourite casino games, and make our predictions on where we think they’re heading. 


With Canada having such a rich history with the Lottery, it’s no surprise that the future of the game is also looking bright across the provinces. As things currently stand, residents in areas such as Quebec, Alberta and Ontario have access to specially regulated online casinos that also offer an easy way to enter the Lottery from the comfort of your own home, whilst also benefitting the wider society. For example, the only regulated online casino in Alberta is implemented by the Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis (AGLC) commission, with rules and policies put in place specifically to maintain the integrity and security of playing casino games. You’ll find this to be the case across Canada, with the majority of provinces choosing to link their regulatory organisations to their casino offerings.

Now, for the future. Whilst the Lottery is already comfortable taking up space online, we can easily predict that the game will make even bigger moves towards this platform, and perhaps take the leap to operating exclusively online. But would all players support this move?

We can also predict that the Lottery will find a place on the live gaming catalogues, that are swiftly becoming the norm. We will explore this prediction further later on. 


Not a far cry from the land of Lotto, Keno is another numbers game that has successfully established itself on the online casino scene. Appearing unanimously throughout casinos in Nevada since the 1930s, Keno stands are one of the original forms of the Lottery, raffle and pull tabs. Nowadays, the game is readily available, and often takes the top spot on many online casinos in Canada. 

The future of Keno is sure to be bright if the past evolution is anything to go by. Newer versions of the game are constantly emerging, so it’s easy to predict that this trend will continue. A wide range of options is the key to success for almost any game, as it doesn’t limit residents to just one way to play. Steps forward could include allowing players to participate in multiple games at one time, and perhaps have the ability to adjust the visuals of the game, such as the colour of the background, markers and numbers. Whilst this wouldn’t enhance your gameplay, it would certainly make the experience a little more personalised.  

Live Dealer 

Arguably, live dealer games are the future of casino, both in Canada and beyond. However, there’s still some room for further development, that we’re sure will occur in the not-so-distant future. With online casinos in Canada proudly embracing the live dealer technology, perhaps we can expect the first step into live dealer’s future to be developed in the North American corner of the internet first! 

Virtual reality would be the natural next step for live online gaming, allowing the dealers to reach players from 360-degree angles via an electronic headset. Whilst this is normally used for more traditional video games, we predict that the technology will find itself in the hands of live dealers next. This will further enhance the feeling of gambling at a real-life casino, from the comfort of your own home. Look down and the headset will show you your chosen gaming table, look up and there’s your dealer, you’d also be able to watch your virtual hands moving chips around on the table. 

So, where do you think the future of casino gaming in Canada is going? And will you be coming along for the ride?

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