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The ins and outs of dustless floor sanding



Dustless floor sanding is one of those requests which is highly popular amongst homeowners. This is because it is much more efficient than regular sanding. It is also healthier since it helps in sustaining the quality of air. You will also not be required to do post-sanding clean up. 

What is it?

This is a process of sanding in which less dust is created compared to the standard process of sanding. If you have the right system in place, most of the dust is captured which would otherwise be released into the air. The captured dust can thereafter be disposed of in the right manner. 

Although the process is termed dustless, it is not entirely dust-free. There will be very nominal amounts of dust which are then released. Nevertheless, the dust control system is highly effective. 


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What are the benefits?

There are several benefits of using the dustless floor sanding process. It can be ideal for those individuals who have breathing problems. It can also be a smart idea to use this process where there are other vulnerable people such as in the hospitals. 

A lot of hardwood finishing problems are occurred due to dust. This process helps in eliminating all such problems. Most importantly, this process is highly efficient. It doesn’t take much time compared to other standardized processes. The amount of time that you would otherwise spend in the cleaning up process is not involved in this scenario. There is no requirement to hire a cleaning company after the sanding process. 


A lot of people have the misconception that if the dustless floor sanding process will be opted, it will be costlier. This is not the case. In fact, this option is much cheaper compared to the conventional ones. The entire look of the property can be simply transformed using dustless sanding equipment. 

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What are the equipment needed?

There is various equipment needed to perform the dustless sanding process. However, the best idea is to purchase the system in itself. Lagler Trio, Oneida Dust Deputy and American Sanders are few models which are worth naming. You can visit to get a better idea about such equipment. 


These equipment are designed in a way that it lasts long. Durability is the main aspect which is taken into account as a result of using this equipment. 

A lot of people have a question as to how they can purchase the right equipment. There are two basic tips to consider. The first is that you should consider what your needs are and why you want to use this equipment. This will allow you to choose a model which serves your needs the best. Second, you should go through the customer reviews. These are important to understand the pros and cons of different products. It will help you obtain practical insights into actual customer experience and thereafter, make a choice that is suitable in your circumstances. This is how you can make the right purchase.


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