The Less Carbon Prints Trend Has Increased in Live Events

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The live event producers biggest challenge is the engagement of the audience. But is it truly the biggest challenge? Maybe at some time, you have heard a term of corporate social responsibility. Does it have any kind of meaning for any one of you? Corporate social responsibility stands for what the organizations are doing for the well-being of people. Simply the purpose of any business should also involve serving people except generating money. This concept has gained a lot of acceptance because of the awareness in people. Why are we discussing this here?

Because this has also changed the thinking course of the Live Event Production. Now the trend is moving towards eco-friendly live events. Carbon is a very dangerous source of depleting the ozone layer. Still, carbon-producing products are in use. So, now event production agencies are trying to arrange carbon-free events. They are showing corporate social responsibility by doing something to protect the earth. Or you can say they are trying to make us safe from global warming.

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The event planners have an opportunity to create awareness and they can change the thinking of people. So, let’s discuss the things which you can do as an event planner. This is not difficult many events have been organized in an eco-friendly way. Let’s take an example of the Olympic games 2012 conducted in London. For the first time in any game’s history, this event used sustainability sourced materials. This event was a great opportunity for the education of the audience. This also played a vital role in preventing a significant amount of waste.

Trends Of the Eco-Friendly Environment:

The demand for living lives in a sustainable manner and eco-friendly environment is never going to get down. The effect of it has affected every kind of industry. So, how can the event industry be safe from it? In 2019 the sustainable event planning is at the top trend. All those event planners would be wise who get on board this thing. To spread the good words among attendees it is important to create awareness of this good cause. Because it plays a vital role in the prevention of depleting our earth’s natural resources.

Large events have a high probability of leaving carbon footprints and producing a lot of waste. The research has reported that the average corporate conference produces 1.89kg of waste per day containing almost 1000 attendees. If this conference lasts for three days the accumulated waste is 5670 kg. All this waste ends up in a landfill.

Important Steps for The Eco-Friendly Event:

Some very beneficial tips can help in arranging the eco-friendly event and support sustainable event planning.

  • Don’t use printed material for the promotion instead utilize a custom event app.
  • Arrange refill stations so, that people don’t waste water bottles.
  • Don’t provide any kind of plastic material to the audience at your event.
  • Educate your audience through promotion to avoid the usage of plastic.
  • Don’t throw out the waste send it for recycling.

Producing environment-friendly events in support of the popular cause for an audience is trending. It is important to make your contribution in educating about wastes and emphasizing an eco-friendly environment.

By taking into consideration the above-mentioned steps it is not difficult to organize an eco-friendly event. Some methods can be very helpful in organizing a sustainable event. This is possible if you use sustainable methods in your planning, purchasing, and transportation. As a result, you will produce a less wasteful event with a lower environmental impact.

Sustainable Event Planning Methods:

For the planning of an eco-friendly and sustainable environment, the event planners have to think out of the box. The planning phase of the event contains many different phases which affect the production of a sustainable environment. Take a look at the few ideas which will make your planning phase easier.

1. Paperless Promotion:

This is a straightforward and equitable method of having a positive impact on the environment. Without the promotion, the success of the event is not possible. For that purpose, use event apps, it is the fastest way of reaching out to people. If you have the most effective option then why you use paper to promote an event?

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2. Choice Of Location and Transportation:

The right kind of transportation and the venue plays a vital role in creating an eco-friendly environment. The venue should be at that place where attendees don’t face issues of transportation. If you have to provide transportation it is better to use a shuttle service.

3. Purchase Sustainable Materials:

Budgeting is the most important aspect of the planning phase of an event. Without this, it’s impossible to move forward towards the actual organization of the event. So, set a budget that facilitates the purchasing of sustainable materials. Also, evaluate line materials from where you can reduce the waste. 

For the experienced production agency doing such kind of a Live Event Production will not be difficult. The team of that kind of organization works hard to achieve the goal of an eco-friendly environment. They take into consideration the above three methods and all other methods which can reduce the carbon footprints.

The carbon footprints have damaged our environment badly. The depletion of the ozone layer is the reason behind sun rays causing skin burns. Everyone has to play his role in protecting the environment. Especially by reducing the use of paper and plastic. Because both are the major cause of damaging our environment. The paper formation involved trees. We all know that trees use carbon for the process of photosynthesis. It means that we need more trees for the protection of the environment.

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The burning of plastic bottles produces carbon. The funny thing is they are not destroyable through burning. Instead, they also pollute the land and is capable of turning fertile land into a barren one. The event production industry is playing its part in polluting the environment. That’s why the trend of eco-friendly events has increased so much.

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