The Meaning of Rashmika Mandanna’s Tattoo on Her Right Wrist

Rashmika Mandanna is India’s ‘National Crush”. Fans couldn’t stop guessing about her beauty. It is not just her spectacular acting skills that made her popular but also her great fashion sense along with the charming personality that put her on the top. She is also quite popular on social media. 

Rashmika Mandanna’s Latest Tattoo

Rashmika Mandhanna

Recently one of her old Instagram live sessions has resurfaced, and it is gaining a lot of momentum in the media. In her session, Rashmika Mandanna is seen describing the meaning behind the tattoo she got on her wrist. Many of her fans were asking questions about her personal as well as professional life, one of them asked about the meaning behind her tattoo to which she replied. Rashmika Mandanna got  “Irreplaceable.” inked on her wrist back in 2018.

She stated, “I am irreplaceable, you are irreplaceable”. The significance of this tattoo is that each of us is unique in our way, and no one in your life can replace you with another person“. She also shared a glimpse of her tattoo too. 

Rashmika Mandhanna Tattoo

Earlier many believed, it is dedicated to Rakshit Shetty her ex-fiance but the duo later called it to quit. As per sources, Rashmika Mandanna got a tattoo while she was studying in college, it is dedicated to her own self, stating she is irreplaceable as a person.

Rashmika Mandanna recently marked her Bollywood debut “Goodbye” starring Neena Gupta and Amitabh Bachchan. Few days back, she was in Delhi to promote her movie’s song launch. She shared her experience of working with Bollywood legend Amitabh Bachchan. She felt “intimidated” while working with him for the first time. 

“The experience of working with Bachchan sir has been great.” I’m grateful for the opportunity to work on my first proper Hindi film with Bachchan sir. He’s the best teacher of them all,” Rashmika told the press.

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