The murder of Sarabjit Singh and the targeted killing of Amir Tanba

The Indian prisoner Sarabjit Singh, who was attacked and murdered by fellow inmates in a jail in Lahore, had briefly believed he would be released before finding himself in a confusing situation. Surjeet Singh, not Sarabjit, was the one scheduled for release.

In June 2012, Surjeet Singh, who had spent three decades in Pakistani jails for spying charges, was set to be handed over to Indian authorities at the Wagah-Attari border from Lahore central jail. However, the initial report mistakenly named Sarabjit Singh instead of Surjeet Singh, creating a temporary spotlight on Sarabjit.

Subsequently, the legal representative of Indian prisoners, Awais Sheikh, revealed that after Surjeet Singh’s transfer to India, Sarabjit Singh was supposed to follow, leading to a change in the attitudes of inmates toward Sarabjit Singh, who was later moved to a separate cell for safety.

The circumstances surrounding Sarabjit Singh’s killing by fellow inmates remained unclear, with the Pakistani government claiming he died in critical condition at Jinnah Hospital after being attacked in jail. Local sources, however, suggested he had died while being transported from the prison and his body was kept in the hospital for five days to downplay the controversy.


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