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Watch: The ‘Oreo Biscuit Glazing Girl Video’ Has Become Viral On Twitter/X and Reddit

The ‘Oreo Biscuit glazing girl video’ has become viral on social media platforms such as Telegram, X/Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, Snapchat and even YouTube. But what exactly is the video about and why did it go viral on social media? Continue reading this write-up to know more about it.

Social media platforms are abuzz with a viral video of a girl who is eating two Oreo biscuits which are covered with a white and sticky liquid. Some netizens are saying that the white gooey substance is semen.

Viral Oreo Biscuit Glazing Girl Video

The viral video clip first began spreading among Indian netizens in the middle of June 2024 on social media platforms such as Telegram, X/Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube. The video begins with a woman sitting on the floor with a plate of three Oreo cookies in front of her. The plates and the bed sheets and the surrounding area are covered with a white sticky liquid. The young lady then proceeds to eat two Oreo biscuits and smiles suggestively at the camera. Such acts are referred to in internet lingo as a “soggy biscuit” or “limp biscuit.”

The identity of the woman as well as the source of the video is still not known. There is also no way to clarify if the sticky liquid on the biscuits is semen.

If you want to watch the video it can be searched by terms like “Oreo Biscuit Video” or “Oreo Biscuit Viral Video”.

This is not the first time Oreo Biscuits has been involved in such debates. Last year a claim was made that Oreo were non-halal and a big controversy erupted. However authorities from many Gulf nations have stated that the claims are false.

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