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The Rise of Mobile Gambling in Africa

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Since the past decade, there’s been a mobile boom across different regions of Africa. Smartphone ownership, in general, has risen, even during a global fall in 2019. Such a spike in mobile ownership offers fantastic opportunities for the mobile gaming sector. 

Stay with us and read the latest news about mobile gambling in Africa.

Fertile Grounds

In 2019, more than 300 million people were using a smartphone in Africa. We’re talking about a market worth around $15 billion. Mobile internet subscriptions grew 400% in the past decade in the Sub-Saharan region. The number of 5G phone owners is also on the rise.

Moreover, Africa is the only region where the young population is expected to grow in the next few years. It means a prospective consumer base of more than 200 million players. So, there are lots of reasons to keep an eye on the African mobile gambling industry. 

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Obstacles on the Road

There’s doubt that mobile gambling is rising in Africa. Still, it could be going full throttle if it wasn’t for a few bumps on the road. Online casinos struggle with different payment methods for other countries. Besides, there’s a prevalence of mobile payment through local providers. It’s excellent news for mobile owners. Yet, this method can be tricky for casinos when applied in several countries at once.

The gambling industry could benefit from more data about African tastes for games. Unfortunately, there isn’t much of it. Game developers are left in the dark when designing a new game for the African market. So, developers usually go with the global trend. It means they focus primarily on new slot games and sports betting. 

Which Countries Gamble the Most?

The rise of online gambling is a continental trend. But, there are those countries that push the statistics to a higher number. South Africa is one of those countries.

South Africa leads the way in the continent when it comes to gambling laws. It was the first country in Africa to regulate the activity thoroughly. Nowadays, it counts on 39 brick-and-mortar casinos across the country. About 97% of the adult population bets on lotto games. 


This country counts on 30 land-based casinos, 21 of them in the capital, Nairobi. Kenyan gamblers are also keen on sports betting. Google pointed out that in 2019, some 11 out of 20 Kenyan searches were bet-related


The largest population in the continent is also one of the most engaged in gambling. Despite only having three land-based casinos, online gambling is hugely popular. There aren’t any laws regulating online gambling in the country. So, most players gamble on offshore sites which have the relevant licenses.

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Africa promises an exciting future for online gamblers. With more smartphone owners, more African gamblers will adhere to mobile platforms. Once legal and technological constraints are surpassed, Africa is set to become one of the largest gambling markets in the world.

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