The Simpson Meme About The Northern Lights Is All Over Social Media, Here’s What It Means

So recently the whole world was able to see the Aurora Borealis because of the solar storm and the Earth’s magnetic field around it. Aurora Borealis is a rare phenomenon seen in the sky, mostly in the northern and southern poles of the Earth because that’s where the Earth’s magnetic field stays.

bout The Northern Lights Is All Over Social Media

However, due to powerful solar flares from the sun, most of the world can now see it, and it has been something truly exhilarating for people to see colors in the sky. Now, the lights are also called the Northern Lights. So now, The Simpsons also depicted this scene and had it in the series.

People all over the world are now using that template to show off the fact that they have seen the Northern Lights. Now, the thing is also starting to get a little monotonous, given the fact that everyone is literally sharing the same thing over and over again.

The episode is where Principal Skinner tries to impress his boss and he cooks lunch. He burns the food in the oven and to hide everything, he screams that the Northern Lights are outside to distract everyone from the disaster he just created in the kitchen.

When people tried to see outside for the Northern Lights, their initial reaction was about how others saw them that late and at that time. Even since then, this scene has now reached a point where everyone is sharing it, suggesting how they would see the Northern Lights when they’re from the central part of the world.

Luckily, most people got to see the Northern Lights, and pictures are flowing on social media. It’s truly beautiful to see how nature works in amazing different ways.

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