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WATCH: The Split Face Diving Accident: The Terrifying Incident of 2009 That Shocked The World



WATCH HORRIFYING VIDEO: The Split Face Diving Accident: The Terrifying Incident of 2009

You must have heard about the “split face diving accident of 2009”. The horrible incident left citizens around the world in shock at that time.

Even after so many years of the happening, the video continues to create a buzz in the media. 

The ‘Split Face Diving Incident of 2009’ That Shocked The World

As per media reports, the horrific ‘Split Face Diving Accident’ happened in 2009, showing a 16-year-old guy who was a resident of Beirut, Lebanon. It happened near American University, Manara Promenade.

In the viral video, you can see the victim’s brother diving into the sea from over 40 feet. But things take a drastic turn when a teenager hits a concrete surface before falling into the sea. 


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The Horrific Split Face Diving Accident: Where To Watch The Full Video No Blur

The shocking video was first seen on Reddit and posted by user u/zombiedub.

In the video, you can see the horrific incident after the sea diving mishap. As the guy hits the concrete surface and the crowd screams in shock while calling for medical help.


Later the video shifts to a scene in the American University Hospital emergency room with a doctor holding the split open face while giving him medical support. 

Controversy and Doubt: Is Split Face Diving Accident Guy Alive?

As the video started getting publicized, viewers started questioning its originality. As per hospital records, a teenager attempted suicide years ago.

Additionally, the warning at the start of the video along with the peculiar music makes the entire video quite disturbing and unsettling. 

Split Face Diving Accident Link

On social media, the video has reached millions of views along with many comments to find out the originality of it. Many find it entertaining as it looks like a horror movie while some find it disturbing.

According to several reports, it is real and shocking, a teenager lost his life, along with setting an example of not indulging in such dangerous stunts.  

Split Face Diving Accident

Well, the video has resurfaced after many years on social media. It has again re-ignited the debate among the audience. In its shocking way, the originality still remains a mystery.

Despite being scary, it has emerged as one of the most popular ‘stunts that went wrong’ videos of all time. 

The Split Face Diving Accident: The Terrifying Incident of 2009


Is Split Face Diving Accident Guy Alive or Dead?

According to, the guy really died two days later maybe of some serious brain damage.

Is Split Face Diving Incident Real?

Viewers have raised doubts about the video’s authenticity since its release. Some claim that hospital records indicate the incident was a suicide attempt years ago, raising questions about the video’s accuracy. However, the true origin of the video remains uncertain.


Why is the video trending on social media again after so many years?

The video has recently resurfaced on social media platforms, reigniting discussions and debates among viewers. Despite the controversy surrounding its authenticity, the shocking and unsettling nature of the video has contributed to its popularity. It has become one of the most widely-shared ‘stunts gone wrong’ videos of all time, with millions of views and numerous comments, leading to its resurgence in online discussions.

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